Happy New Year!

And  so it begins. As I type this it’s 5.51pm, 31 Dec 2011. My lists await me.. In order to ensure constraint free thinking, my apartment is spotlessly tidy. My bed turned down and ready for me whenever it is I feel like going there..

And it’s time to drink some bubbles!

Yeah cos that makes for fun list making *grins* Happy New Years, whenever you get to 2012 and however you celebrate it: I hope the months ahead are filled with everything you need.

And more. Fuckit, let’s be greedy on such an occasion!


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  1. 24 hrs before new years here in new york, but i’m already cementing my first resolutions in several years. i think these are quite do-able (and will be more or less enjoyable).

  2. Let me be the first from the Northern Hemisphere (at least the first on this posting) to wish you a Happy New Year!!! Be safe, and may this be a better year than any before. Nice to “meet” you, and looking forward to your future postings.

  3. Oh, shoot. Someone beat me. Well, the second then… 😀

  4. only one glass? Shoot I’ve got another 24 hrs before I get to pop a cork.

  5. Isn’t Moet like $500? You are loaded. Must be all that LOTR money. LOL!

  6. May 2012 be a celebration of love, joy, and more hilarious spewing.

  7. Happy New Year Gorgeous!

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