Red Flags & Dating

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I’d manned up (so to speak!) and joined a couple of dating web-sites. Well somewhat unusually one of them allows users to critique your profile.. Under the guise of “experienced members giving feedback to help your profile do better”..

My arse that’s what it’s for .. It’s just a different place to prospect.. !

But let me back up..

So I placed my profile in this “review me” forum when I 1st signed up because.. well, the website suggested it. And although it sounds a bit naff, I’m all about learning and let’s face it, I (clearly!) have no idea what appeals to men, so I figured why not seek some feedback..

First guy posts within minutes of me shutting the site down. It was very exciting, I got an email saying “X has given feedback on your profile”. I ran back to my laptop and logged in quickly to find that he has posted this:

“You look cute but there’s a few red flags in your profile. Good luck.”

He neglected to mention what they were, that would be far too friggen helpful of course!

So since I’m on the site, I scan my profile. Red Flags, wtf?

Maybe it’s the bit where I say “I am kinda torn between wanting to try and have a successful (happy) relationship and thinking that maybe it just can’t be done.” IN my defence I realise that could sound overly cynical on a dating profile but I do qualify that by admitting I believe all this means is that I will be cautious.

So not all bad, right? Meh don’t tell me – I’m over feedback!!

As it turns out I can’t take the profile off this forum .. so it’s still there.. still eliciting feedback. Like it / helpful or not!

I logged back in earlier today to find that a couple of other men have commented – Only to say they think it looks great and they’ve then raced off to send me an email. As have a heap of other guys. It’s kinda cool but somehow kinda weird too .. don’t ask me to explain why it just is..

In the interests of research I decided to check out the other profiles seeking feedback i.e.: those posted in the same forum.

Curiously, Russian seems to be the most commonly occurring language, amid the broken english and ever-so-slightly-slutty / photoshopped photographs. Yes, at this juncture I realise what I’ve done..

There’s a reason people like me shouldn’t be on dating websites. We’re not smart enough to know how they work for a START 😉 Oh well.. it wasn’t a total loss I did get to chat to a very sexy Scotsman today AND scored a blog post idea.

Hmm so do you reckon this is where I am going wrong?

I talk to men but get excited when I score blog entries?



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  1. It’s all about the blog. Haha! You could always go out on a date and BLOG about it.

  2. carrieissovery

    Being someone who is also very new to this online dating phenom, that ‘reviewing’ aspect seems frightening. Especially considering the demographic that is probably doing the reviewing. How long do you have to be on a dating site to be considered an “experienced member”? I think that if you’ve been there long enough to be considered “experienced”, then there is obviously a problem. I don’t want advice from a longtime member. I want to be reviewed by the frumpy middle aged woman with 5 cats who snagged a man the first week and then got the heck out of Dodge.

  3. Reminds me of the song lookin for love in all the wrong places.

  4. Be careful on those things, but there’s really nothing wrong with them, I think.

  5. I met Now Husband on Match, back in 2002, when those sites were far simpler. Not sure all the “improvements” really help with the basic quest. My friend Susan has had a ton of experiences online, and I’ve written a bunch of posts about the hilarity of it all. I think I’m going to spend an entire week reposting all of them. By the end of the week, I will have lost all my subscribers.

  6. You had me as Sexy Scotsman.

  7. You’ve succesfully convinced me to further delay my joining an online dating site.

  8. Love the last few lines 😉 and if it’s any consolation, I think most of us feel like you do– wondering if a healthy happy relationship just can’t be done.

  9. Do be careful. Are you wanting to close out your profile? Do they have support? That seems odd to me. If you can’t, and no longer interested in the site, perhaps change everything in profile to some grotesque creature for sake of humor and more future blog posts on the responses. Oh, and LOVED the comic!!!! I had to share that one with my computer nerds. 🙂

  10. His RED FLAGS comment was his cheesy attempt for you to contact him back and say, “WHAT? What are the red flags?”

    He left it open ended on purpose.

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