The morning after ..

Feeling a tiny bit delicate – I stumbled out of bed and headed to the kitchen in pursuit of drugs, cold water, coffee and if the gods were in a benevolent mood: I’d have taken death, also. It was a fun night out, or at least – a booze filled night, judging by the state of my aching head. Heck, even my eyeballs ache.

Cold water and drugs duly downed (coffee proved too difficult) I decided to head back to bed.

Almost tripped over this in the hallway:

Stand there (ok fine, lean there) looking down at my dress wondering.. I have a closet, for all I tend to hurl things into it and slam the doors shut before it all leaps out to attack me.. but for the life of me, I do not remember how my dress came to be on the floor in the hallway!

My body reminds me that I desecrated it severely on my big night out with my old flame and some friends, and that I really do need to go lay down – so I step over the dress, and make my way to the head.

Sitting on the er, throne (listing to the left ever so slightly) my eyes focus a bit more. And I note with some level of bemusement that my bra is in the bath. IN THE BATHTUB, really. By now my brain hurts as much as my eye balls.. trying to work out what happened..

But it’s still too much, bed calls..

Making my way down the hallway I stop in the doorway of my guest room. Indeed, at least I know I had my underwear on when I came home .. small mercies..

I make it safely back to my bedroom, collapse onto the bed and drift off to sleep, wondering ..

WTF happened last night?

And where in the hell is my other shoe!?

PS I’ll give $1m to the first person who brings me coffee, fried food (or at least a cheese burger, fries and some ice cold coke) Oh and and more drugs..


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  1. Wow! You must have had a FUN time last night! And you must have looked FANTASTIC! I hope you’re feeling better soon … and that you remember enough about the evening to share it with us!

    • I remember it all now .. (sigh)

      Having viewed video footage, pictures and of course – having been teased mercilessly by all my (now ex!) friends all day yesterday ..

      Once I surfaced from under the bedding mid afternoon STILL feeling very sorry for myself, that is ..

      So yeah I’m the market for new friends. This lot are dead to me.

      Who’s in?

  2. Sounds like you had a good night 🙂 They’re fun to have every once and awhile… speaking of that, I think it’s about time I had an evening of indulgence myself!

  3. That can be a problem with having a really GREAT time… and I know from my own experience that some of my greatest times were so great, that I was unable to remember them, which was somewhat frustrating. I suggest that you get a second (and maybe even a third) opinion to verify just how great a time you had! Lol 😉 But I will add that the “evidence” presented here looks promising. 🙂

  4. Hahahahhaha bra in the bathtub. Love it. When I was in NYC, I woke up in a guy’s apt where I found my bra on the towel rack in his bathroom, my pants in the tub, and the rest of my clothes in his bedroom. Oops…

  5. OMG! Too funny! Please keep us informed as the fog clears. 🙂


    I kid. Good to see you had a blast. And for the love of all that’s holy, stop putting your clothes all over the house. What if the neighbors find out? 😛 lol

  7. You know you had a good time when you can’t remember half of it.

    • I think I am turning into a lightweight. I used to be able to drink til .. well, I never tested the limit that much: I just drank, partied, when I’d had enough I went to bed and that was that ..

      Damn old age..

  8. Okay so your head hurts, your clothes are off and surely you were missing your panties! Soooooooo did you be a naughty girl? I was on the edge of my seat trying to be nosey! Trying to see if you gave it up!! HEHE! Well give us more details when you find out what happen! LMAO

  9. I’ve heard it said that you know how good a time you had last night by where your clothes ended up… Well done, my dear!

  10. Wow. I’d love to be you for one day.

  11. i wanna be like you when i grow up.

  12. Well presented and dunny in that real way. Good luck with the headache!

  13. At the end, I was expecting a pic of some unknown guy in your bed… funny post.

  14. The best times are only remembered AFTER we’ve viewed the photos and videos. Lol.

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