Fanning the flames

The other day I questioned whether old flames can be reignited or whether they really should just be left where they belong: in the past..

Yesterday’s epic (and godawful) hangover was a result of my going out on a “remember back when we were young and did this every weekend” sessh with a group of friends I once was very close to, when we all lived and worked overseas.

They’re visiting for the Summer and we’ve picked up where we left off, for the most part.. It’s quite neat.

One of these friends was my – I suppose you would call him “boyfriend”, back then. Eventually, life took us in different directions and we went our separate ways without any rancour or angst..  We’ve kept in vague contact but nothing much more than the odd email to the group etc.

But there is no denying that spark is still there .. It was obvious to all – even this chowderhead when it comes to matters of the heart – when we got together for a drink last Thursday.

Jump forward to today: I STILL feel like death warmed up. My head is pounding and I can’t stop leaning to the left, most disconcerting – not the least cos I was raised conservative. Ok, it hurts to laugh. Hush..

I realise I left you hanging with my “wtf happened?” entry yesterday and now feel very mean cos .. well .. let me tell you what happened..


Well no, that’s not entirely true ..

First and very importantly: I found my other shoe.

It was in the foyer of my apartment building.. Some kind neighbour had found it and put it on display by our mailboxes.. I’m a little anxious about the video cameras in the foyer because yeah well some stuff went on in that foyer that perhaps ought not have. But remember: no one ever accused me of being overly bright..

I got one HELL of a fright when I did drag my sorry arse back out of bed, mid afternoon – because “HE” (no, NOT that HE!) was in my kitchen cooking up some eggs and toast..

Dressed only in his boxer shorts..

Yeah. I know.. My life is .. weird. And just so you don’t think he’s a complete weirdo – he was in his boxers because he had stayed the night not because he goes out dressed like that! LOL

Anyway, we sat and ate (Ok, I dry wretched my way thru’ a slice of toast) and tried to piece the evening together. The photos! I really hate the fact that everywhere one goes there’s some wanker with a fancy phone that takes good quality pics.

Bring back the grainy old ones where you could easily deny being the person in the pic, it was so hard to make out..

Without boring you with too much detail of the night (Code for: I can’t friggen remember to type it here) It turns out we’d ditched the group around 3am and come back to my place. Just HE and I..

There’d been some stuff take place in the foyer whilst I fumbled to clear my mailbox. Hence the shoe. We won’t ponder too long on quite why I felt the need to check my mail at 3am when I had a man with me.. perhaps refer earlier “not too bright” comment and leave it there.

We then came up to my apartment and proceeded to drink tequila shots.

I want to talk about tequila shots for a moment.

Why is it whenever someone has a hangover from tequila they sound shocked? I just gulped down a bunch of neat liquor, with the only thing watering it down a bit of salt and some friggen lime. Duh. Tequila is never a good thing to drink. Ever. And if you do – you deal with the fall out. Whingers be damned..

Says me who died yesterday and is still whinging about it 😉

Fast forward, without going into too many gory details.. we actually got very dull during the tequila phase .. we sat talking. Reminiscing.. About the things we’d got up to back when we were together. It was quite lovely.. then came the tequila lay-backs. My belly button is still sticky after several showers.. I swear that stuff is nasty.

Eventually there was a little more kissing and stuff, but prudence won the day and he went off to sleep in the guest room and I went to sleep in my room. Or rather, passed out naked star-fished and snoring (I’m willing to bet) on the bed.

I am so hawt..

We spent yesterday evening together, went to the movies and had dinner. Or attempted to .. he drove me home, we parted and well, he’s due back here in an hour to take me out to brunch 🙂

What’s going on, I hear you ask?
Buggered if I know ..

But it’s nice ..


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  1. Hee hee, I’ve been trying to get a woman I used to date a long time ago to come throw back some tequila shots with me like we used to do back in the day (before we got old/married/divorced)… haven’t been successful yet, but I have hopes 😉

    Sorry you’re feeling the pain, but outside of the hangover it sounds like a good time to me 🙂

  2. Bask in the warmth of the fireworks, girl!

  3. “Why is it whenever someone has a hangover from tequila they sound shocked? ” Hahahaha! Isn’t that the truth.

    I’ve decided I’m going to live vicariously through you for a while, whilst I sort myself out.

  4. Can you tolerate loud noises yet?

  5. Love reading your blog, only found it the other day, it’s fun to read!

  6. You’re the best. I think I need to get out of my rut and go hang out with you for a while. Once you see how romatically lame I am you’ll feel better about your “hawtness” in no time.

  7. I wait with bated breathe for an update…. may as well live vicariously through your adventures!!!

  8. The first time I had tequila, I didn’t know you’re supposed to shoot it, so I was drinking it out of a cup like it was Sprite…bad idea. Just thought I’d share that.

    This sounds like a good healthy thing you have going. Not healthy from a physical/liver/headache perspective, but healthy in other ways. I’m happy for you, Farce, and hope that next time you will disregard the mail. : )

  9. I met my husband 13 years ago, lost contact and found him again. It was worth giving it another shot. (Not saying you want to be married but…) It’s totally okay to give into old crushes and romantic dreams. Thank you for sharing your story… and sorry about your head lol!

  10. Uh, I should mention that 13 years ago we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, not like he had amnesia or something….

  11. Don’t try to think too much, just enjoy! can’t wait to hear the continuation!

  12. Try not to do anything crazy, if that little woman in your head pops up to say,”I love your stench,” or, “I love YOU,” smash her. He obviously respects you enough not to violate you in your naked starfish mode (which is obviously everyone’s dream…) so, don’t mess it up with crazy female talk.

  13. have fun and remember to wear a scarf. continue…

  14. Ohh… can I ever relate to the evils of tequila! Brings back memories of the night of my wife’s niece’s wedding reception in Mexico. I had been laid low that day with food poisoning, but managed to gut my way through the wedding and then go back to bed. But later that night, while I still wasn’t feeling well, I was able to make my way to the open bar at the wedding reception and try to feel better by downing many shots of tequila.

    At first, this seemed to work, but somehow I misplaced my wife and I went looking for her. I ended up in the hotel room of this rather pompous ass of a man, who was a friend of a friend, and who lectured me about how I should never drink any tequila except for the very finest quality brand, such as the expensive bottle in his hand that he was waving in front of me.

    In no mood for lectures of liquor snobbery, and channeling the spirit of John Belushi, I grabbed the bottle from him and proceeded to chug almost half of it as he exclaimed loudly in dismay. I then quickly left him behind.

    Eventually I did find my wife, and that was good, but the next day was THE DAY OF ULTIMATE TEQUILA HANGOVER HELL. Sorry for hijacking your post – I guess I just want you to know that I can understand and relate to your pain. And good luck with your old flame who may become new again! 🙂

  15. I have no tequila stories except it makes me yack. I’m almost jealous…

  16. he drove you home? that earns some gent points. as for tequila, well, it does us all in sometimes. i have a few stories of my own – yikes! can’t wait to read about how things are going with the make-out bandit!

  17. You’re killing me today – laughing so hard! So what happened? Did you go to brunch and see him again this week?

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