The envelope please!

An online friend nominated me for the versatile blogger award and to him I say:

Now before everyone gets all shocked about what an horrid tart I am, he only nominated me to stress me out so there! *grins* All kidding aside, Chris – thank you for the nomination and for being a neat new blog pal.. I’m glad we stumbled across each other 🙂

Funnily enough I was nominated for this back in Sept last year by 2 lovely ladies, their blogs I enjoy following to this day!

The deal with this award is that I must do the following:

1. Thank those who nominated me.

Done, albeit with about as much grace as an elephant running around in treacle.

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers who I think deserve it..

And so here we go:

Love this guy’s blog. He has the dubious honour of being my top commenter too!

This blog always makes me laugh .. And also makes me think. Great combo..

One of my fave bloggers, all round bang up guy chick, be sure to check her out.

I’m new to this idiot’s blog and am sooo glad I found him! Laugh ’til you cry material.

Other than being hellishly envious about her spicy improv pal, this blog is a fun read.

Not just a good read, this lady knows lots of good crap .. And shares it happily with us.

One of the first ever blogs I found. Even when life kicks her about she’s always just lovely.

Practically perfect, this blog is great. And when you read it, you’ll understand the p/p refs.

I’d be inclined to argue with her about the name of her blog, but it’s always a fun read..

One of my all time faves. If you don’t cry reading his latest entry, you’re made of granite.

I don’t know how to sum this blog up on 1 line. It’s random, interesting and well worth a read.

Another recent find, and one I’m so thrilled to have made. This lady is simply beautiful.

This is one of those blogs where you can find something of interest in every click!

Albeit frustrating as hell @the moment, I love this blog  and am hoping for a happy ending.

Another new find for me – interesting to see singledom thru a man’s eyes (and words).

Gosh I do do things other than read blogs, honest! I just love how quirky this one is.

This one reminds me of me, is that bad to say? But, I like me. And I really like this blog too 😉

Love this woman’s blog. Another new find for me, and one that I am really enjoying.

Funny AND insightful – one of my fave blogs to provoke questions and make me think.

She makes me want to shop, eat and have sex. How’s that for .. creepy? Cool blog tho.

I used to think he was so tough, til I learned he was afraid of goth girls.. Check it out.

Adventurer, awkward (by his own admission) but awesome. This man’s antics always make LOL

This man’s blog is one that almost always has me nodding and muttering “yes” as I read it.

I just went thru his blog to find my fave entry and couldn’t pick one. They’re all great!

To all the blogs I follow, I say:

Next I am meant to inform my nominees of the fact I’ve nominated them.
No need, the site will ping them Yay! 

3. Share 7 random facts about myself. Ok, see below:

a) I’ve sent a request to wordpress for a “I hate the fact this shit has happened to you but want you to know I read it and am thinking of ya” button. It can go right next to the like button.

b) I hate bananas

c) I rotate my dinner set so the design on the plates doesn’t fade or get damaged more on some than others. I heard you snorting with laughter, by the way. Yes, even from here..

d) Back in the 80’s I donated $10,000 to a charity without  meaning to. I wonder if my ex husband has forgotten that? (or me!) I remain terrified of auctions to this day.

e) I had 2 horses when I was a girl. “Blue Thunder” and “Blaize”. There’s something quite fantastic about being able to gallop away from your parents when they’re calling to you and later say “oh I didn’t hear you over the hooves, sorry” .. heheh

f) I once gave a duck mouth to mouth / CPR.

g) I have 72 bottles of assorted drinks in my liquor cabinet. Yes, I think I did just admit to being a booze-hound on the innerwebs. I like to be prepared, that’s all. If I want a particular cocktail or drink I like to be able to just mix it up … which would suggest a certain lack of patience and you’d be right. It also points toward my loathing of shopping..

5. Add a picture of the award to this post – Done!

Whew what a mission, I need a drink .. 😉

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Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

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  1. Goodie. NowI have all sorts of links to explore.

    • Bloody hell I’m slow on the reply here huh .. I have a ton of blogs I follow and they’re all great, I hope you enjoy the ones I showcased. I tend to ping blogs I like, so you may find more over time 🙂

  2. Aww, my favourite kiwi likes me! Thank you. You always say such wonderful things about me, even while you make me cry with laughter. I can hardly see to type this. Btw, from the title of the post, I’m starting to think I’ve started a trend here… In the meantime, I shall raise a mug of hot chocolate to you. You deserve it. Congratulations

  3. So which drink did you mix up to celebrate? And thanks for sharing those other blogs. New reading material.

  4. Yes. I love being introduced to all these new incredible peeps! 🙂

  5. You are such a sweetheart :3

    I’m really glad to see you were nominated, I was actually wondering if someone ever did blogger awards, because you should get one. The pictures are awesome along with the willingness to be open for the rest of us; we have to know we aren’t the only crazy ones, too!

    A. I agree
    B. They are a bit suspicious looking, aren’t they?
    C. I totally snorted.
    D. Back in the 80’s I used to spray aqua net in my bangs and run into a wall. It’s ALMOST the same thing. Almost.
    E. I’m jealous. My grandparents had horses and I’ve always wanted my own.
    F. Quack
    G. Again, jealous. I only like 2 kinds of alcohol; rum and cheap wine. I wish I had the ability to enjoy other tastes =)

    Thank you, again, for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

    • Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahah!

      hey bitch did you just call me crazy??

      You like rum – that is cool with me.
      Cheap wine tho? I think I may have to disown you .. sighhhhh …

      I could share a pic of my horses but I don’t think that’d help your envy .. how about I tell you of the time the lil bastards bolted and I was bareback and flew straight off and landed in some horse manure.. Damn horses!! I swear they laughed at me ..

  6. LOVE that ya had to click on the link to find out what the blog was. Verrry smart. Thank you so much for the link.. Love ur stuff and cherish your feedback and support.

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I do appreciate it. And I’m quite sure you’ll not be heartbroken that I don’t go through the VBA rituals, but will merely think warm thoughts of you and promise to never put you on my “people that I will kill” list. Howzat?

    • Devastated beyond my ability to express it at the fact you’re snubbing my genuine, one off, unique award *grin* Grateful you’re gonna not kill me any time soon tho so I guess we’re cool…. 😉

  8. Congrats!!! And thanks for the link love 🙂

    *yes we have no bananas!*

  9. No sure about the name huh …

  10. Thanks for the shout out and loved the way you handled your nominations of other blogs and wouldn’t it be mouth to bill CPR on a duck?

  11. Congrats to you, and I love the way you presented the blogs!

  12. Congrats! and thanks for the recognition! Much appreciated…

  13. You have SEVENTY TWO bottles of something in your cabinet and they are not Empty! I was told you were from NZ! 9checking address) I must be mistaken, i am from NZ and living in the MidWest God help me and I have many many empty bottles out here.. c

    • LMAO I hate recycling day for all the wine bottles I take out .. but top shelf and mixers tend to take me a liiiiiiiittle longer to get thru 😉

      Where in NZ are you from and wth are you doing in the Mid West ??

  14. You’re most welcome, and I’m glad we stumbled across each other too! 🙂

  15. Thanks for the shout out my friend. We need to somehow coordinate some cross-country boozing.

  16. Congrats, well deserved!! And thanks for the shout out/link back 🙂 🙂

  17. mommysaidaswearword

    Hey, thank you!!!!! I loved reading this. Now on to your fav blogs…. 🙂

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