Warning – Sick content inside!

Farewell party last Friday, pity party this week! I can hear people socialising on their balconies or heading to and from parties, social events, town – wherever. And I have to admit to experiencing a moment of woe is me..

Two reasons:

1. I’m not used to being at home on a Friday night lol  My best friend did offer to come bring me supplies and keep me company but to be honest, company is something I don’t have the mental wherewithal or energy to be, so why ruin her Friday evening?

2. I cannot bear to be sick. It pisses me off mightily! I am sure – on the odd occasion when some lurgy does knock me down – that I get man flu! I want to die.. I am inconsolable. Grumpy, mean, nasty and plain horrid. (Just ask that.. person .. who was posting comments on my last entry .. they think I am all that .. and more) *grin*

My personal preference when sick is to push thru’ it. Ignore it, it’ll go away sort of thing .. I tried that by going to work Weds and Thurs even tho I felt ever so slightly less than optimal. And I woke this morning barely able to function.. So yeah, working thru it worked a treat alright *snort*

Determined not to be one of those “oh yeah riiiiiight she’s sick” Friday morning phone calls, I decided to take my germy self off to work.. Only to be hounded from my office and sent home within minutes of making my first phone call.

Everyone kept asking where the pre-pubescent boy was. My voice is a tad hoarse and crackly. And my froat hurts .. *whiny tone*

One of the worst things about man flu is it does seem to impair your ability to do anything except whine and feel pathetic!?

Not one to be told what to do, I did go back to the office briefly to attend one meeting and everyone kept a more-than-is-necessary-rude-bastards distance from me then abused me til I came home again.

So much for keeping busy there.

To be fair, it did wipe me out totally making two trips to work, but damnitall I don’t like me when I am sick, I sure as hell don’t wanna keep me company!!

And even less fair, in amid all this woefulness? It’s a holiday weekend here, so we have 3 days ahead of us and the weather is promising to be spectacular..

I had grand plans for a dinner party tomorrow.. Brunch out with friends on Sunday. Was invited to a BBQ on Sunday evening and to have Fish and Chips with another friend at the beach on Monday ..

Instead I have unearthed the stash of tissues (kleenex, whatever you call it) and will be spending my weekend watching anything mindless on telly that I can, to stop me from driving me crazy with frustration and boredom.

OMG I’m channelling the idiot!!  Lucky for me I don’t have a wife here to supervise me .. or a cat or son that can tattle on me while I get the hell better 😉

So, why am I whining about being sick? Do I need a reason? Man flu remember! Sheesh ..

Maybe this post can act as a warning .. if I can’t do anything of the things I’d planned over the weekend I may just spam WordPress with yet more inane ramblings of stuff you never knew you needed to know!

I’ve stolen an idea from someone who’s blog has had me in stitches the last few posts.. so if I have the energy we may all be on the cusp of some rather tragic postings from my past 😉

For now tho, this grumpy old baggage is going to reply to a few more texts from friends asking where the hell I am hiding then I’m heading to bed. 10pm Friday .. omg lol


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  1. I feel you – being sick is almost like your body is going through a reenactment of the French Revolution.

  2. You need to find yourself a big, sexy rugby player to curl up with. Hey, if you have to be sick in bed you might as well enjoy it.

  3. I was ambivalent about hitting the like button. I don’t like that you are sick, but I wanted to use the like button as a big hug. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. I’d like to be clear, I definitely don’t like that you’re sick, and I hope you feel better as instantaneously as possible, but I always love the hilarious way you tell the story. Cheers and I’m sending you mental chicken soup.

    • I want crumpets with my soup!!

      (told ya it was man flu, right??)

      • *Hands over a plate of made-from-scratch cinnamon pancakes with real maple syrup*

        As much as I like crumpets, and I was raised with those, trust me, these are better 😀

      • omg *drool* I have some real canuckian maple syrup in the fridge, does it ever go off? My parents bought me some back from a trip a few years ago and to call me MEAN with it would be a polite description heheh ..

        So cinnamon and pancakes, you reckon??

        Never had that before!

      • Like I said, trust me. I did it on a whim the first time. Now I won’t make them plain anymore.

        As for maple syrup, also goes well in lattes instead of sugar. 😀 I swear, I’m a carrier of evil sweet tasty food. Oh well, it could be worse.

      • OK you are officially a bad influence on me (like I need help!!!!) I once made pancakes with apple grated into them and am now thinking “why didn’t I put cinnamon in too!?” do pancakes count as “flu-food”? I think a latte (dunno about a sweetened coffee tho I’m a strong espresso kinda girl myself) and pancakes would make a mighty wicked supper tonight ….

        Harbinger of evil sweetness. Hmm there’s a handle I bet ya never had before.. lol

      • No, I think that’s a new handle for me, though in high school I was known by close friends as “the Devil Herself”. As the devil is supposed to tempt you to do evil things, I suspect it’s close. I just tempt people to EAT evil things these days 😀 And I don’t feel the least bit of regret. In fact, I could add a very long list of very tasty food to that temptation list, just off the top of my head.

        As for what constitutes flu-food, I believe that anything that makes you feel a little less sucky can fall into that category.

  5. Get well soon. You are right being sick sucks.

    • It’s when I am sick I am so glad I live alone cos man I’d be a wanker to be around right about now. I get all whiny and pissy but nothing pleases me. Like I said above – I don’t like who I am, when I am sick – I totally suck! 😉

  6. Having recently gone thru a bout with pneumonia, I can sympathize with you over being sick – it sucks! Get well soon & keep the posts coming!

  7. Hate being sick too! I hope you are feeling MUCH better and very quickly!

    • So far, no good *grumble* shit I hate this .. it’s 5am in the morning and I’m having a meltdown (fever) .. doors are open .. cats are shivering and calling me rude names and I’m still burning up grr grr

  8. Hey, sorry you’re not feeling well – that’s always the pits. Your description of “Man flu” sounds much nastier than a bad cold, but I’m still reminded of the time that my wife came down with the cold from hell, and in addition to her really feeling like shit, she’d go through these prolonged bouts of sneezing. So while out getting her some cold medicine, I saw this supermarket tabloid and couldn’t resist bringing it home to her, in the hope that it might cheer her up.

    Sorry if the link isn’t live, and as I told her at the time, it’s not meant to imply any deficiency, as I know that there is none in her case, and I’m sure that the same goes for you. 🙂 Hope that you get well soon!

  9. Uh Oh …. Channeling the idiot? Your life as you know it is over…… ha ha 🙂

  10. my friends and always called going out on fri or sat “amateur night” anyway…and that the hardcore went out tues, wed, and thurs…get well soon. continue…

    • LOLOL I like it .. I will go out any night but town does definitely seem geared toward amateur night .. Hmm am in for an interesting week ahead. Big night out on Wednesday evening with friends and then out of town Fri-Mon on a hell girls weekend!

      Better get well PDQ so I can enjoy that huh..


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