Table for one?

Wanna know one of the things that most annoys me about being single? When you make your fave meal you know you better bloody enjoy it .. cos you’re gonna be friggen eating it for 4 more days! *grumble* So, anyway this post is simply to share 2 things I spotted in a shop the other day .. And ya know what? If I was the type, I do believe they could have depressed me!

Exhibit A – Baking tray
Clearly designed for one..

For scale, those things behind it are toothpicks.. I mean c’mon, people .. TOOTHPICKS..
*stuffs knuckles in my mouth and stifles a sob*

Exhibit B

This one is even MORE depressing, I think .. Do you agree? Without any further ado I give you:

A dishdrainer for one .. Take a close look.. it can only hold ONE plate .. omg!


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  1. This made me laugh a lot you plum! Concentrate on yourself, enjoy your life for yourself 🙂

    • but then one is accused of being narcissistic .. it’s so hard .. grins .. This lil shop is absolutely hilarious .. the random things in it .. those 2 made me giggle when I saw them tho, they’re so cute .. my guess is they’re designed for small apartments more than anything ..

  2. Which is worse, buying a plate holder for one, or buying a plate holder for two and not filling it up?

    You should buy a plate holder for four, and eat separate parts of your meal on four different plates so as to satisfy your need for large plate holders.

    • ROTFL!! Or I could just stack the dishes on the counter top every day so that at least once a week I get the pleasure of feeling like a couple, whilst washing dishes for an hour? mmm no actually, I’m cool with my system (eat out – someone else does the dishes!) 😉

  3. If you use that pan to make brownies, that would take your mind off being single AND make you care less about eating it 4 days in a row. That’s win-win. Especially with ice cream.

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