What hope do WE have?!

I take no small amount of comfort from the fact that beautiful, young, rich (feel free to insert your own adjective here) people can’t stay married / in a relationship these days .. It isn’t just me cocking it up every which way I turn!

I don’t follow the celebrity trail, but you can’t walk past a magazine rack without seeing the latest headlines going on about how someone cheated on someone.. or someone dumped someone .. for someone else no less!

Be it the Trumps, the Madonnas, Mr and Mrs Tiger, the Schwarzenegger / Shrivers, or my personal fave: Paul and Heather (that was ugly! AND costly!) .. to the outsider looking in – they had it all.

But they’re in the same club as me now – single.

Oh and millions of dollars lighter (in the men’s case) and wealthier (in the case of the women) .. Doh… slight difference between them and me after all *snort*

PS I got a text from DTR  overnight. It simply read “Happy New Year Fred, How’s tricks?” I have yet to reply cos I admit, his reaction pre Xmas kinda pissed me off .. We’ve not seen each other for a month but now the holiday season is over, he’s back in touch. WTF is that about?


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  1. not that I feel particularly sorry for them, but I imagine it must be insanely tough to find a good match when you’re a famous celeb… wondering if your partner actually loves you or if they love your money, fame, or the personas/characters you play. or you marry another celeb but then have to deal with gigantic egos clashing.

    at least with us little people, what you see is generally what you get 🙂

  2. It’s because of all the kissing other people in movies. And all the having kids with people who aren’t your wife. We have a better chance, because we’re so poor, you know the love is real!

  3. I’d be stand off-ish about your late texter. Let him wait for you.

  4. Money can’t buy happiness … but it can certainly make a bad marriage more tolerable.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the lack of amount of time spent together in a lot of these cases. How many of them actually get to spend any amount of regular time together, when they’re off doing movies, golfing, giving concerts, whatever their job is? It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who is never around. Oh, and what Edward said.

    For me, there’s always next time, though I don’t know how fast I’d be jumping up to get married again in that fabled next time. I’m still unwinding the last one (stupid required separation periods).

  6. So that myth that runs in our minds sometimes that if we were younger/prettier/richer/thinner THEN we would be loved isn’t true? GASP!!!!!

  7. I think it’s better being poor – when you break up it’s so sad but at least the whole world isn’t watching to see what you do.

  8. I agree– we definitely have a better chance. We don’t even live in the same world as said celebrities… If we did, their actions might not be so completely mind boggling.

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