Dating disasters – Episode III

This took place quite recently .. We met on a dating site and I have to say he was great to chat with (via emails and texts). He said all the right things.. even this old cynic couldn’t resist, so I decided to meet him for a drink. Something I’ve been told is to meet ’em quick and from a (time) investment perspective, it does make sense!

He arrived on time.. He looked exactly the same as his pic.. He had his pants zipped up and he was taller than me.. For all I know there may have been a lime green g string lurking .. but I couldn’t see it so we had a 100% success rate, thus far!

We walked to one of the bars nearby and went straight to the counter to order. I got my credit card out to pay for mine and he made a big fuss of paying for me. In his messages he’d gone on about how he felt men didn’t spoil or take care of women the way he felt they should. So that was congruent with his actions at the bar..

We sat down and started to chat.

In the space of 5-10 minutes we ranged over a bunch of topics and then … and I don’t quite know how it happened .. But he asked me a question about my job – and I am by no means a job snob .. However, when I answered he became super defensive and then he launched into a tirade about me and my type. Charming huh lol

I put it down to nerves and didn’t panic but did scull my wine and laughingly said: “Think I need another drink” .. He looks at me, gets a funny look on his face .. broadens his shoulders and says “I bet you expect me to buy it for you – don’t ya. Well I’m not going to.”

To say I was speechless was an understatement .. Not that I cared, I was happy to buy my own … and so I tilted my head and looked at him not saying anything, waiting for him to explain.. OK I was probably trying to freak him out too.. and think I succeeded.. Cos he started in on a super-rant that went on for a good 3 minutes.

When he’d finished I stood up and said “hey, thanks for the drink.. I think I’m gonna head on home now .. ”

He looks at me as tho I’ve grown 2 heads.. (What? I was meant to sit and let you rant at me .. Without a 2nd wine?? heheh) and follows me out into the street..

He starts stammering about how he was only kidding around and for me not to be so shitty and to calm down and then almost in the same breath (when it became clear I wasn’t going to stop walking away from him) he shouts loudly .. right behind me:

“fuck you, you fucking stupid bitch” ..

By now I’m sort of thinking about becoming freaked out ..  but luckily it’s a busy street so I decide to just ignore him and start walking away from him .. faster..

At this point, he gave up and left me alone so I shakily walked into a nearby bar, ordered (AND PAID FOR) a glass of wine and sat there for an hour to be sure he’d have given up on me before I headed home..

What is really odd is that he sent me an apology text and admitted he was very sensitive about his job and having a bit of a bad day yadda yadda .. So that was nice, I guess..

Do you think it’s time I investigated that nunnery again..?

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  1. OH MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU FINDING THESE MEN??? If this is how he behaves on your first date, the one where the both of you are on your best behavior, how is he going to be once he lets his guard down? RUN!!!

  2. Sadly, this is often the case with meeting men online. It can be a bit of a crapshoot which is why you always meet them in a very public place with lots of people about. That being said, I have also met some nice guys online. You just never know which side of normal they’re on until you meet them in person.

  3. Let’s face it. People are weird.

  4. preciousbydesign

    WOW. Just…wow. The apology text might have gone a ways toward making up for things, had the whole following-you-out-into-the-street thing not happened…or say had he not screamed after you that you were a stupid fucking bitch. Hahaha…I’m in disbelief!

  5. An apology text? Is he for real? What a twat regardless of your job and his opinion of it there is absolutely no need for him to go off on one like that. You so did the right thing, sorry it was such a bad date!

  6. Why does it not surprise me? Guys act nuts…

  7. Oh dear! What an absolute madman. Sounds terrifying!

  8. haha, omgosh u poor girl. what a wierdo…

  9. Men are pigs. I tell my single friends that, when they agree to a blind date, I want them to leave a note on their kitchen counter that tells the world who they’re meeting, when and where. If, God forbid, something happens to them on their date their loved ones will have a place to start looking for them. If they have a wonderful time, they throw the note away when they get home. It gives them piece of mind, too. Don’t give up. Not all men are pigs. Mr. Right is out there and he’s looking just as hard to find you as you’re looking to find him.

  10. Don’t settle for getting nun just yet… That’s a shame, because it seemed like everything was going so well! But look at it this way, except for his temporary psychotic break when he found out what you do for a living, (and yes, a psychotic break is a BIG exception!) he was still light years ahead of the two previous pathetic cases you wrote about. Maybe it’s like fine tuning, and you’re almost there, and the next guy will be like this guy, BUT without any rampant insecurity about “your profession is bigger than mine!” Maybe the next round you’ll score a happy and well adjusted man, whom you also find attractive. I’m pullin’ for ya, and I don’t mean that in a “grotty” way! 😉

    BTW, just what DO you do for a living? Huh? Just kidding! Lol 🙂

  11. Well the date went down in flames, but at least you saw the “crazy/bipolar-ism” up front, thus saving you a LOT of drama down the road.

  12. Um, wow. Just… Wow. My dear, you do have some adventures, don’t you?

    I think I’m going to stick with being single for now. I just don’t think it’s worth it at the moment…

  13. I’m guessing your job was way better than his? Some guys can’t handle that. You’ll meet him, Fred. He’s right around the corner. You gotta walk through the parking lot and the crowd to see the show you came to see, so to speak. But I’m positive it’s going to be a great one.


  15. Omg I would have slapped him. I’m very curious what he said about your job. I can’t stand it when people feel they are entitled to tell me their opinion of what I do, especially when they can’t hold a job for more than 2 weeks.

  16. just happened upon your blogpage and felt your stories rang true to me also. Made me smile. Enjoyed it and will be back. 🙂

  17. Jaysus, what a douche.

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