Dating disasters (The phantom menace)

This one really, really hurt when it happened .. To this day I dunno what went wrong but this was my 1st ever (drum roll please) interwebs meeting. Actually, one can’t really call it a meeting as such .. cos ..

Well, let me back up. So I’m brand spanking new to the internet, right. And I stumble into a chat room and start chatting to a man from Australia, a man who’s handle I can still remember .. Beemer318is – yes, after his car.

To say we enjoyed chatting was an understatement and even now, I think it was not just my imagination lol

I would check my emails every morning filled with anticipation and he never let me down. There was always a little note, a poem .. a something, to say hey, I thought of you in the last few hours.. And when we were both home after work (time zones allowing) we’d meet in a chat room and PM ten bells out of each other.

I have to admit, I don’t recall what we chatted about but I know I enjoyed it.

This is going back .. about 18 years now lol omg I have not thought of this in many a year but it’s as clear as if it happened yesterday.

Oddly, I do not recall his ‘real’ name, just his online handle. I know he had one because we used to mail stuff to each other .. via the post, not just via email. He even sent me roses for Valentine’s day. It was .. lovely and the emails, phone calls and chat went on for many months.

One day we decided to swap pics.. I had a couple taken specially and got them scanned then sent them and eagerly awaited his.. it was so exciting! I’d fallen hard and was imagining where this was heading .. and my imagination was running wild lol

Having just recently emerged from an unhappy marriage, I was very raw and this new romance, for all it was cyber vs ‘real’, felt real and I was loving every minute of it.

But I digress.. So I sent him my photograph via email with doubtless, some sort of chit chat in the email..

And .. I never heard from him ever again.

To this day I do not know why ..

And to this day, I still recall the feelings of confusion, hurt and bewilderment that I felt..

Little did I know it was not the only time I’d experience such emotions in the course of my dating history 😉

But hey, no more of this  looking back .. onward and upward, right?


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  1. Wait, there was internet 18 years ago? Haha 🙂

  2. Always onward and upward. It’s what keeps me going in the morning and writing in the evening, that it gets better from here. And I have to agree with Hotspur, your special guy must be around the corner. I believe in karma, and boy, with these stories, you’ve paid for him already. 🙂

    • LOL @ speshul.. To be fair, I’ve had some neat experiences / dates too .. but seeing these ones in a row was kinda depressing huh!

      I’ve got a few fish on the line already, EH may be on to something. $5 says I get in a horribly complex love triangle and get dumped by them all?

      (He aint the only one who can do predictions hah)

      • I’ll take the love triangle, but I don’t think they’d be able to dump you, unless they’re massively stupid (okay, technically possibly, but unlikely to both be at the same time), because you’re just awesome. I’m not remotely surprised that you have nibbles (or better) already.

  3. I don’t mean for this to sound trite…but I was on the interwebs not quite *that* long ago, but long enough ago to have had an ICQ account 😉 Anyways…I had a similar experience…only I got feedback. Not from the guy himself, but a mate of his (who promptly attempted to hit on me)…apparently, I was too good-looking for the intertubes guys back then. They were all (supposedly) geeky and/or chubby and what not and I…well…I wasn’t…I was simply isolated and bored in a foreign country. Either way…whether he thought I was out of his league (or whichever way round that goes) or not, it didn’t help all that much…but it’s funny to think about now…you know…15 years later!

    • LOL you could be right actually – the web was far more of a geek hang out back in the day, so it could be something like that .. Now I think about it, he worked for a radio station. Maybe he had a face for radio! 😉

      Reading your exp, my guess is we’re not the only ones who will have experienced this sort of “relationship” end..

  4. Sadly, some folks just don’t make sense. I like Nat’s take on it … you were just too hot.

  5. onward and upward …excelsior. continue…

  6. That was cruel and I can feel how that must have made you feel. But I’m also agreeing with the idea that when he saw you, he felt like you were too hot for him to handle, and way out of his league. But he was still a wanker and a coward for doing that to you.

    And yes, now onward and upward for you!

  7. That was a shitty thing to do. His loss!

  8. Harsh! What a dick. Better off without him. Fo sho.

    • Agree Katie … even if it’s that I didn’t appeal vs him being bush pig uhhhhglyyy – the fact he bailed the way he did means I got a lucky escape for all I didn’t appreciate it at the time 😉

  9. I have a different spin on this. Maybe you never heard from him again because he didn’t want to send a photo of himself after seeing how lovely you are.

  10. I go with unconfirmed bachelorette !! Aside from that maybe Beemer was only meant to ease your post-matrimonial ickness. He passed his due date. He probably was the short man in the lime g strings twin and it is /was a lucky escape for you….

  11. What a jerk. I would have been a mess over that. It would almost be better if he would have just said “I’m not attracted to you.” Not being able to have confirmation of what the problem is is so much worse.

  12. Ugh. I hate that but it’s great that you shared it because that happens to so many people. I would love for you to post about this on my site.

    Check it out.


  13. OMG that’s awful… You must have been WAY out of his league. Poor guy was proly intimidated to death 😉

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