Age differences

So we’ve identified that size matters  but I wonder if an age gap works out ok, in the long run? My ex husband was 6yrs older than me. In years, anyway 😉 My last long term ex was 11yrs younger than me but an old soul so he never seemed young.

But I wonder, does it at some point go horribly wrong? If I’d stayed with my last ex and we fast forward 35yrs .. Everything on my body (despite my best efforts and assorted scary undergarments) has gone south. Far South.. My younger mate has gone salt and pepper and looks distinguished as all hell.. I just look all hell!?

Somewhat worryingly, I’ve been paying attention to what I perv  look at and find attractive when I am out on the town. And it’s usually the boys in that late 20’s / early 30’s range.. Currently I am being pursued by a 31year old total honey of a guy but the age thing keeps putting me off. I’m 12 years his senior. While I was getting boobs, he was feeding at his Mother’s!

Actually, I suspect I am in that awkward age range now.

You see, men in their 20’s are babies and I just want to stab them in their fuzz covered, fresh lil faces when I am in their air space. Men in their 30’s are married / playing happy families. Men in their 40’s are divorced or die-hard bachelors and have more baggage than a boeing 767. And men in their 50’s are looking for women in their freaking 20’s..

I’m in no-man’s land, literally!


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  1. aha…that’s what the expression no-man’s-land means. continue…

  2. What happened years ago doesn’t matter as much as what’s happening now. In fact, what happened years ago drives what’s happening now. If it’s working, Fred, then he’s great, whoever he is, and however old he is. You’ll find him.

    • Totally cool with not worrying over the past but I dunno about living in the here and now, without any thought for the future .. seems everyone has a differing view on this one..

      We have a dinner date tonight.. got a text requesting my company, during a meeting an hour or so ago.. 2 dates in one week, let’s see how we go 🙂

  3. Age only matters if it matters to you. I sympathize with you. At 54, I tend to attract men who are 15 to 20 years older or 15 to 20 years younger. The men close to my age seem more interested in much younger women. I find that if I connect with a man intellectually and emotionally, age differences fall away. Don’t worry too much about age differences and the impact it might have 20 years or more down the road. Life is brief and none of us know just how much time we have left, so enjoy the here and now.

    • I wish I had a swimming pool…. (reading your blog before heheh) Your drunken fun nights sound way better (ending-wise!) than my dull ones lol

      As you say, intelligence incl emotional does tend to strip the age “issue” .. that said, I have to confess, older men .. just .. not .. my .. scene. I guess one day they will be but not just yet *grin*

  4. Age is just a number. A big, ugly number at that.

  5. There is a 14 year age difference between me and my husband …. and it works! When we first got together we thought people looked at us and said “Look he’s got a trophy wife.” Now we have met many couples similar to us, one of our best friends have a 20+ year age difference! Biggest thing is that you both must be at the same stage in life, ie are children an issue? Do you want the same things out of life? There are pros and cons to every situation, hey I became a Nana at age 36! I’ve been thru it all but you are the only one who can determine whether the effort to keep at it is worth it. On the other side, I also seem to attract the younger guys! They are the ones who look at me when I walk by. I don’t think the term “cougar” is appropriate anymore, the young guys are actually stalking us older women! I even see it with my 19 yr old son, he basically identifies with older people better then people his own age. All 19 yr old girls are idiots to him, he appreciates the intelligent conversations of experience. Scarrryyy!!!

    • You know you are dead right, we don’t chase – they do! So so true .. omg I got a 19yr old boy send me a message online the day “will you fulfil my fantasy of being out with an older woman” .. I replied “Did you just call me old?” .. the poor kid 😉

      I love your story .. that is a reasonable age gap – he’s older, I wonder which is ‘best’. Or if in fact there is no best or worst cos we’re all different..

  6. I think you summed it all up by saying “total honey of a guy”. He can’t help that he’s younger than you … give him a chance to love you.

  7. There’s a reason why it’s call a cougar, women in their late twenties and up have recognized that sex isn’t icky or shameful and now they are on the prowl.

    It’ll help motivate you to stay in shape I’m sure. My honest opinion, thin ladies boobs won’t head south. We know this.

  8. I think age could be a problem down the line.. That’s possible, but sometimes we need to live in the NOW. If you are connecting with Mr. 31, then why not go with the experience? You got something better to do? Lol

    & btw, 35 feels like no man’s land too :-/

  9. You are not alone. I suspect I am there with you. My last partner ( of 8 years) was 16 years younger than me – which means he was born the year before I finished high school. Isn’t that a sobering thought! And despite his supposed youth he didn’t LOOK younger than me and for Pete’s sake, he certainly acted like an old conservative grandpa.

  10. On behalf of us divorced men in our 40s, don’t write us off because we’re divorced! Sure, some of us are hopelessly screwed up with a ton of baggage and you should avoid or drop those guys like a hot potato until they get their shit together, but many of us are “the good ones” who are decent, well-adjusted and hard-working men who ended up marrying the wrong woman and are now hoping to find Ms. Right (and not necessarily Ms. Right Now) 🙂

    I have to hope that once making a mistake in the name of love doesn’t automatically mean I should be avoided!

  11. I just discovered your blog today and love it! I have been doing the online dating thing lately and know exactly what you mean about “no man’s land” (iam 42). I swear if I have another 55 year with erectile dysfunction come on to me I am going to lose it. I am getting to the point where I would gladly welcome a “honeylicious” young man in my life. 😉

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Glad you’re enjoying it .. Check out my lil gem today, omg @ hilarious emails ..

      Oh and at 42, you’re the perfect age for a nice young cub (lmao) and some are rather delightful, in their early 30’s, know enough to be fun / lived enough to be fun but not generally too jaded I’ve found..

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