My best ever date

To combat the sense you all have, following the recent dating disasters trilogy, that I am hapless (and hopeless!) in love – I thought I would reminisce back over some of my more fun dating experiences.

OOOOOOOH where to begin!?

DTR was pretty good at the dating game – tis fair to say. Always expensive, trendy and very nice places, he was a class act, always paid and was a complete and utter gentleman.. Til Xmas, that was!

There was the man who took me on a helicopter flight to his fave restaurant in another part of the country. That was exciting.

Shame he wasn’t (shoot I’m meant to be being positive my bad) he was.. sweet, but duller than a stack of bricks. And had a weird foot fetish I discovered on date 2 after a tussle involving my heels and his tongue. Most uncool.

Damn .. disasters are so much more prevalent lol

I think the problem here is for me a success doesn’t have to be any given thing, event or formula. I don’t need an expensive or trendy place. I don’t need lots of money spent. Or to have to get dolled up. Sometimes the simpler things are funner.

So there’s the guy I have an on / off thing with and have done for years – we’ll go for a drive, get fish and chips and sit on the beach to eat them whilst talking total rubbish, feeding the gulls and watching the sunset. It’s awesome..

Then there was the nipple piercing guy who did amazing things on a trampoline. Yes. I was involved .. and stayed involved for a year or more ..

Oh this theme sucks.

It’d be so much funner to tell you about the man I made cry, one time. As he stood in his flannel PJs in my bedroom. Not one of my finer moments but .. I’d do it again in the same situation.

Or the guy who lost his license coming to see me from his town a few hours away. So when he got here I had to drive us everywhere. We had a disagreement whilst driving in the car so I got out and walked off leaving him unable to drive in his car, watching his date disappear around the corner.

And the one who threw up on my shoes, yeah that was a classy evening, for sure ..

Geez this dating thing is hard work.. Please remind me, why do we put ourselves through this?


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  1. I love the mistakes I made image, and have half inched it for myself. Thank you very much!!! I could pull out my deck of dating/ cohabiting with disasters but I am still recovering from the last one …..should I tell you about the one-night-stand who never went away and after 2 years I had to leave to find myself again? And that is only one example.

    Left the last just over a year ago and although tempted twice to go out since have chickened out both times – so far.

    Just dub me Pollyanna of Perpetual Hope as in St Polly, because deep down I STILL believe there is someone right for me. Haven’t worked out where and how to find him but maybe we can help each other there?

    • Polly, from hereonin that is what you shall be known as! 😉

      LOL @ one night stand – been there done him …. or the stalker that came to my place, took pics and emailed them to me (of my house) and said “Baby I am outside waiting for you” .. luckily I was out of town for work lol

      I’m with you tho … I believe there is someone out there and that is why I will continue to date (not just to provide amusement for horrible people like Julie and her nasal hairs!) 😉

  2. Omgee I read this press and im like … This is sooo me lol! I think sometimes many people overlook the simple things and think somehow this complex dating “gene” will work.. It’s like caviar, it’s a associated with “high class” but majority hates the way it taste! I say we just make dating in Gerber from so it’s easier for everyone to mentally digest! 🙂

  3. We put ourselves through it because IT’S WORTH IT. When you find your life partner, you’ll have no regrets. All of these weird experiences are making you the person/partner/lover/friend that will be a perfect match for him. Enjoy the ride!

  4. preciousbydesign

    I hope you realize that you have to detail the incident in which you made a man cry in your bedroom. How could you just mention it like that and then move on???? LOL, I’m dying here!

  5. And they say life is dull – sounds like a sitcom script here.

  6. Don’t listen to me. Somehow I just fucked up two relationships in the span of twenty-four hours, with absolutely no clue as to how I did it. Send your losers my way. They’re the best I can do apparently.

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