Potential dating disaster?

So .. by now we’ve ascertained that I’m a bit of a cougar.. And /or a messed up something, for all I like to make I’m so totally cool. Tonight on the local dating site I frequent, I rec’d this msg:

You must have messaged me for a reason. I’m too young to have all the answers but I’ve experienced much. I wrote a poem a week ago regarding what we talked.

We are neon glow
searching for shadows in solar flare
Salt and steel linger on tongue
plastic fruit decays
consuming beyond capacity

While the hunger remains

So here’s my problem.. I don’t DO poetry, it confuses me.. having read his msgs and mine, his was “hey babe” (or whatever) to which I sent back:

“You’re too young, thank you for messaging me tho” ..

Now I’m dealing with decaying plastic fruit?

What the fk??



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  1. Given what you messaged him, that is a slightly odd response. I think I’d pass, age totally aside, if someone I’d had that much (or little, from the sound of it) conversation with sent me a poem like that. Truly bizarre. I’d call that one a near miss. My hats off to you though, you do come up with some, um, awesome fodder for posts… :p

    I’d just go with what that awesome gif says. Smile and nod and hope he goes away now.

  2. He’s weird. Let him go, like a fish that’s too small to keep.

  3. I write poetry once in a while, but find his attempt to be confusing. So I went to the Urban Dictionary for assistance ;-).
    Neon: Having very bright skin, so bright that at night you can see the person when they have no shirt on.
    Solar flare: Origin: teenage boys summer camp sports event. The sport of lighting farts in a darkened cabin. Longest, brightest wins overall. Best of class can include categories such as color (yellow for sulfur, blue for the rarer methane-producers.) Other categories such as least-singed butthairs are rarer and judged less often, primarily because someone has to be designated as counter of singed butthairs and that requires a strong magnifying glass and an even stronger stomach or a perverted interest in men’s butts.
    Plastic: A materialistic, fake man or woman. In particular, someone who is attractive yet lacks any sort of depth whatsoever.
    Fruit: Either gay or a snack.
    Hunger(lust): Noun. A ravenous need for sexual relations.

  4. I agree, cut bait & move on (in keeping with Edward’s fishing theme)!

  5. My advice to friends in similar situations has always been, and will always be … “NEXT!”

  6. Ya, that was just weird. & omg Stevesw’s comment… Hahahahah! I -hope- that isn’t what the poor kid was talking about!

  7. I write poetry too, but mine’s a little more accessible than that, and most women have liked it. Maybe he was trying to seem deep, but instead he just seemed in over his head. Too bad…

  8. I don’t like poetry either, so I can’t tell what’s good and bad poetry necessarily, but I know it’s weird as crap to send poetry to someone you barely know. It’s obviously not sincere. Yes…I realize how cynical that is.

  9. I could say to stop the internet dating but that would eliminate a source of your awesome blogs. And just how does plastic decay? It has a half-life of around 20 million years… like Twinkies.

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