Don’t quote me!

So often when one laments the end of a relationship and / or ponders how to have a successful one, people churn out statements like: “You need to know yourself 1st”. Oft followed by one that really gets up my nose: “Just relax and it’ll happen”..

I can only presume they’ve seen the moronic quote (shown below) and totally bought into it. Cos yeah, we all know that the best way to achieve something is to do nothing .. !?

Now to be fair, most times when I’m presented with those and / or other trite quotes I’ll simply think “bollocks” to myself and if I’m in a nice mood I’ll smile (read: ignore their stupidity) but every now and then the bitch in me jumps into the conversation (before I can slap her into submission) and I set to trying to get the offending person to see that not only are their comments dumb, they’re actually kinda thoughtless.

If you stop to think about it, love is a topic that is just perfect to bring about a profusion of confusion!

After all, I am meant to just sit back and it’ll magically happen, remember. Oh but of course, I need to remember that relationships require work and effort. But uh, isn’t the act of knowing myself, understanding what I need or like kinda not “just letting it happen”?

All depends who you talk to and what their experiences and beliefs are, as to which sort of quote they’re going to like and spout when they feel it’s apt.

To find some ammo for this post I actually googled “Love quotes” and was presented with thousands of contradictory (for all they were mostly nice) quotes that really would just make me sound like a wanker if I put them in such a grumpy themed post, so instead I will post this one (below) .

Cos I found myself nodding and smiling when I saw it!

yeah yeah, I know .. hapless romantic here. Byte me.



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  1. Just relax. It will happen. Ha ha!

    Don’t relax. It will happen, but not if you sit there. Unless you’re on a computer dating site, in which case, it might. Or at a cafe, where some guy will come sweep you off your feet.

  2. Welcome back, And consider yourself nibbled. Besides, you’re not the only hapless romantic around here. I’ve been known to disgust myself with my own sappy thoughts (that sarcastic inner bitch does get out of hand some days, doesn’t she?). But that second quote is absolutely spot on. If only I could find him…. :p

    Missed you!

    • Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I missed you too .. I got your email thank you – did I reply? I’ve spent a lot of this week drunk or recovering. Shit of a 10 days … no 2 ways about it ..

      And am I now behind in 2 awards from you, missy??
      You rock – totally 🙂

      I spent last weekend with a very cynical but fabulous friend and she kept teasing me about how horribly romantic I was. Then we realised. She listens to Eminem or angry music and I listen to absolute romantic (throw up in your mouth) dribble.

      We’re gonna do swapsies!

      • I haven’t gotten an email back, no, but again, no rush. And you’ll understand why the no rush when I post (probably) tomorrow about writing stuff. Besides, I know what those shit weeks are like. Had more than a few of them myself, where after work on Friday I’m checking my ass for teeth marks. :p

  3. Oh, and before I forget… just thought I’d let you know that I’m passing a 7×7 award onto you, because I like to share 🙂

    • I refuse to deal with that yet. I’ve made myself a promise – in the next 5 days I plan to go thru every single post and get up to date on comments. It pisses me off when I comment on someone’s site and they don’t comment back .. I don’t wanna be that blogger!!

      • You sound like me kicking my own ass to get writing last spring. Someone made a blog post that I got hold of a link to where they talked about that guy you meet in the bar who says he’s a writer, talks about all these ideas he has and then you find out he never writes anything. I realized I was in danger of becoming “that guy” (well, girl), and was horrified beyond even my ability to describe. So I got back into it and refuse to let myself off the hook at all. I use the memory of that realization as motivation on rough days.

        Take all the time you need, no rush. I don’t think we have blog award police around here.

  4. I believe in being pro-active… In NO other areas of our lives do we just let it comes to us. You want an education, you have to plan for it, pay for it, do it. Career, you find it, build it, work 4 it. Why should love be any different? Although, I am a fan of letting a dating profile do some of the work for me.. It still requires effort to choose a site, build a great profile and respond to potentials.

    I’m also a gooe romantic… In fact, The Ambassador busted me with my screensaver of a pics of a pile of romantic kisses…. People tell me all the time “you’re such a girl”… YUP, no apologies. I’m such a girl– Like it or lump it, as you’ve said!

    • Agree, re being proactive! I tend to regard the dating profile as an add-on. It’s just another medium to “pitch” myself. It may or may not bring about anything of any real merit (except blog entries lol) but what the heck, it costs me a little time now and then to log in and check emails .. hardly a hassle.

      Nothin’ wrong with us romantic types, I do mush rather too well for a non-girly girl.. But sod ’em – it’s better than being a hardass, I think.

  5. well, if you like toilet humor, here’s one for you. “Love is the fart of every heart, it pains a man when ’tis held close but others ‘doth offend when ’tis let loose” .
    Argue with that. 😛

  6. You rock. This is awesome. I want to hang out with you.

  7. My take on love and life is how are you to know who you are and what you like/don’t like if you don’t experience it????

    And with that, I will storm off all crazy like 😀

  8. “You will find him when you’re not looking.” That one always pisses me off. But digging a little deeper, I might consider living as if I’ll never find another love. That might be liberating. Uh oh … I feel a blog coming on.

    • Yeah I dunno. Living like you’ll never find love is the exact opposite of the old “make room for him and he will c.. arrive in your life” as someone said to me the other day..

      Again, each person has their own slant on it ..

      I do think obsessing over something isn’t healthy. Eyeing up every man as a potential date isn’t cool. etc And in case anyone thinks I do this – I don’t. For all my blog is on that topic, I do occasionally do things that are not about hunting down a mate 😉

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