USA – Slightly off topic ;)

I’ve been to the US a few times and without fail come home raving about what a fantastic time I had. I dunno if I just get lucky, but the people I meet .. The experiences I have make me think very fondly of the place.

I love that total strangers take you in and treat you like family (I’m embarrassed at the number of free meals I score when there, after some random person invites me home) everyone is just so polite & helpful.. they stop to give directions, or heck even drive you to where you’re walking .. it’s very cool.

I plan on more trips there cos yeah you guys have a fairly sizeable country – so I have to keep coming back! 😉

Having already been there before, there’s a heap of stuff I’ve seen / done.. But set out below is some of the things I still want to see or do, on future trips .. By no means is this the definitive list so if there’s anything very obvious missing, that you think I might enjoy please let me know!

1. Go to Superbowl. I have NO bloody idea how you guys play football but I want to experience the atmosphere!

2. Spend a day riding the roller-coasters at 6-flags

3. Eat a twinkie. Just so I can say I have .. !

4. I want to rent a cabin at Lake Tahoe .. Drink hot chocolate and read books and relax in what I am told is a gorgeous location.

5. NASCAR. Engine fumes, hot dogs, dust clouds and speed!

6. Hushpuppies. I’ve had deep fried jalapenos. Cornbread. BBQ everything. Deep fried corn on the cob (love it) chicken fried steak in a very kitsch diner in the heart of TX. I’ve had okra (yum!) I’ve had grits (less yum). I have yet to try hushpuppies!

7. I want to go to Dairy Queen (Can I get twinkies there?)

8. See the Autumn trees up on the East Coast.

9. Experience a White Christmas, starting @the Rockefeller tree lighting.

10. Rent a convertible and drive Route 66, just stopping where and when I want to.

And I know it’s been topical on other blogs – the US national anthem is such an difficult song to do justice to – well this is my favourite rendition of it. Possibly influenced by the fact I was at this game (I wanna say in ’08) with friends, when it was sung .. It still gives me chills to hear it..


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  1. I guess we both want the same thing from America, except I think I have a little different version ahaha 😉

  2. I feel so awful about all of the hushpuppies I have taken for granted…..

    • So you bloody should!!

      I probably could make them myself but I wanna try the authentico deal first so I know if I’ve got it right or not ..

      Will be flying into USA in Sept this year .. so will put it on the list!!

  3. Sadly, no Twinkies are available at Dairy Queen.

  4. You should come to a true southern state’s Fair. It is something in itself. Rides(not as many as SixFlags) Livestock shows, Homemade crafts, Artillery (apparently down here we LOVE guns and stuff that goes boom), Games, and the FOOD. Oh the food. Homemade contests, eating contests, and the best of the best deep fried rarities. These include but are NOT limited to: deep fried Kool-aid, Deep Fried Oreos, Deep Fried Butter (yes people eat it), Deep fried icecream, and so, so much more!

    • I love guns and stuff too .. I’ve often thought I was a Texas ranch hand in a former life lol

      So, tell me .. HOW the heck does on deep fry Kool aid, isn’t that a drink!?!??

      I have heard of deep fried butter. OMG .. I can feel my arteries clogging as I read this heheh ..

      Deep fried ice cream yum. I’m craving deep fried food and it’s just gone breakfast-time, doh!

  5. I love this post. Ive lived in the us my whole life but have traveled to other countries with my very well traveled friends. I have found that other countries in general just dont have the same hospitality. I had girls from finland apologize to me for being american and they had never been to the us!!!! I never get why ppl think americans are so rude.

    • That was rude of them, cows.

      I suspect partly the misconception comes from Tourist Americans. I’ve met some fairly brash US tourists before and in a pack, they can be noisy, critical and demanding … so whether that is what taints people’s perceptions of them I dunno.

      Certainly, in my experience .. I’ve never met a more hospitable and friendly people. And I’m fairly well travelled ..

  6. Hey there… I am only a few hours drive from Tahoe, and about 6 hrs from 6 flags so when you make ur way to that part of the list, let me know & maybe we can meet up!

  7. No one will visit here, so….

  8. off-topic? I thought the topic of this blog was all things to do with you, which means you’re still nicely on topic 🙂

    But I have to put in my 2 cents and say that you must visit Canada some time, preferably my part, so we can go out for coffee or something.

    • LOL @ topics, true Julie!! 🙂

      I think a trip to Canuckville would be fantastic. I have friends in Sask and Nova Scotia and would love to spend some time travelling around and visiting.

      I will expect nothing less than a hot choc tho, sod going out for coffee missy!!!

      • Okay, but I may put a shot of coffee in my hot chocolate, just for that one-two punch. And it sounds like you’d be going coast to coast on that trip then, since I’m in BC.

  9. You’ve never had a Twinkie? They’re really friggin’ good. What’s wrong with New Zealand? Why aren’t there any Twinkies?

    Can’t you be like everyone else and hate the USA? This post is so positive, I’m uncomfortable.

    • Roger that, my bad you damn Yankees!

      Oh and we don’t have hostess as a brand here .. the only “cookies” we get from the USA are in the “regional section” of our stores and they are .. Oreos. That is all..

  10. Americans probably hear that irresistible Kiwi accent as soon as you open your mouth, and no wonder we’re ready to throw ourselves at your feet! Lol 😉 Hey and I live in New England, and yes we’ve got those Autumn colored trees! But now let’s see… a suggestion for coming to America? (besides me, my dog and my wife?) Go to New Orleans and celebrate Mardi Gras in the French Quarter. Trust me here… YOU were born to do this!

    • Been there / done that / got the beads 😉
      *grinning slightly*

      So, New England eh .. that means I have a slim chance of you understanding me! Imagine that … Introductions time – this is some random woman who’s blog I read.. LOLOL

      FYI I find that when I’m in the South, I am accused of talking too quickly but I don’t think I do .. it’s just they hear with accented ears (cos I don’t have no damn accent, it’s all ya’ll who do that!) 😉

      • I should have known that you’d be Ms. Party Girl International and have already experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Lol 😉
        And I know that we would understand each other just fine, because you wouldn’t be the first Kiwi gal I’ve spoken with, even though you Kiwi ladies do seem to pronounce the word “sex” like us Yanks say the number “six”, and hey the more times the better! Lol 😉

        Oh, cummon up to New England! As “some random woman who’s blog I read” you’d be a much easier sell to my wife, than the time that I wanted that awesomely gifted woman from the Bahamas who gave me the ultimate massage of my life, to come and live with us! Lol 🙂

  11. I may, just MAY, be a bit biased, but you really need to put Alaska on your list of things to see… although technically we are treated like a foreign country, and please don’t equate that horrible woman who happened to pretend she was our governor for a short bit, with us. Have you touched a glacier? It is pretty awesome! I live in a place where people save and save to be able to come and visit and I do things everyday that others would only dream of. It is pretty awesome!

    You would have to plan a LONG holiday though to see everything and do it some justice – glaciers, wild animals, tundra, aurora, mountains, people… so much to see, so little time.

    We are also kindred spirits – I used to dream of traveling the US on roller-coasters! Going from park to park… some people try to hit every baseball diamond for a professional game, I’d like to hit every amusement part and rattle my brains out on the roller-coasters. Hmmm, I wonder if I can find a sponsor for that adventure?

    • If you find that sponsor, ask if they wanna do a two4one deal k!!

      I’ve hiked on/in a glacier, we have one here but Alaska is a-whole-nother scale, I hear you there ..

      If I was to do a Canada / Alaska trip it’d have to be a one-off. The worst thing people do when planning trips is not allow enough time to absorb everything so you’re rush rush rush everywhere .. I like to settle in and get a feel for the place.

      And oh my RCMP .. I wouldn’t mind getting a feel of them too *evil grin*

  12. I spend my winter in the US, Florida specifically, and have been numerous other places in the US, but I do agree with Julie, come to Canada! We have Tim Horton’s!!! The real one, not the on the States is trying to take over, and once you try a donut from Timmies you will never want to leave! I love living between the two countries but Canada still wins for me. Just wish I could have the Florida sunshine and warmth here all year round!

    • Oooh I’ll be in Florida in Sept, tell me what to expect!! 🙂

      I do rather like donuts. Ok so I can sense a trip to Canada coming on soon …

      I’m torn because I’d like to do a Canadian winter, just to say I’ve done it but oh I h a t e the cold lol

      • I live in Ontario and our winters have not been bad for the past several years except last year. But if you go west, that’s where you are guaranteed snow.

        Florida, if you want sand and sun, go to the Gulf of Mexico side! Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, that’s where life is easy, the food is great and the sun and sand never run out. We are having a fabulous winter, I packed warm clothing and I think I only wore jeans once because they were new and white! Had to wear them out one night!

  13. Definitely put Canada on your list! If you go to Wpg. in the winter you could have your white Christmas & stick around for February to take in the “Festival du Voyaguer” a French Canadian celebration. Very delicious foods like sugar pie (a lot like pecan pie but without the nuts), real Canadian maple syrup, Canadian beer (to die for), tortiere (a hamburger pie dish, mmmmmmm). You could head west & see the Calgary Stampede, a little further west to see the Rocky Mountains. Canadians are famous for our hospitality & great manners! You get all 4 seasons here!

    • oh .. Yum .. Canadians that I have met are delightful, I totally agree .. we get a lot come to NZ to visit which cracks me up cos the 2 places are similar in so many ways .. only we’re a liddle bit smaller 😉

      I adore pecan pie and REAL maple syrup oh .. *drooling* Seems to me the same problem will exist with CA as does the USA .. too much to see and do and not enough time (and money!) 😦

  14. #4, #8, #10 – definitely – Drive the convertible with the top down!

  15. I was too late, I stopped by to tell you, nope, no Twinkies at Dairy Queen! But you should definitely get your hands on a Twinkie. And some Ho-Hos. And some Ding Dongs. And some Ring Dings. Basically, any of our delicious, yet filled-with-preservatives (and also creamy filling!) snack cakes. They’re lovely.

    Route 66 is fun. As are roller coasters at Six Flags! And hush puppies…yum. 🙂

    • Ding Dong Ho hos!?!? WTF?

      I am so gonna Google those ..

      I had Kolaches on my last trip but found them a bit sweet, I’m thinking maaaaybe these creamy filling thingies you’re talking about will be even more so?

  16. You have some epic stuff on your list! I’d recommend the Grand Canyon – it even impressed me… Unless you’ve seen it already. And skip Dairy Queen – hit an In ‘n Out Burger.

    • In an’ out burger!?? Never heard of them??

      And yeah done the Grand Canyon. Hiked it. Flew thru it and fell in love with it. Incredible place, never felt anything quite so awe-inspiring as when I stood on the edge watching the sun rising one morning on my own.. Amazing.

  17. Not sure if someone has already mentioned it but you better get moving on that twinkie business, the company that makes them is going out of business.

  18. You’ve never been to Dairy Queen?? Or been to Six Flags?? Or…ah, so many things! Ok, Dairy Queen isn’t actually very good, but it’s one of those things I assume everyone has tried. And Six Flags…so many of my memories were made there, including my first (of two) shop-lifting experiences (don’t worry- it was just a candy bar and I’m still sick from the guilt. And it wasn’t my idea.).

    I’m glad you’ve had chicken fried steak. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Living in Texas, I’m lucky to have easy access to it. I worked with two guys from Canada this past summer and introduced them to it. One of them simply couldn’t grasp the concept. He repeatedly made comments about how something couldn’t be both chicken and steak.

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