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I woke this morning at 4am, 1st thing I wasn’t overly thrilled by! Rolled over only to have my head remind me of the one-too-many drinks consumed last evening: 2nd thing that didn’t impress!

Realised the cat was using me as a pincushion .. owtch.. item #3. Listened to the not-so-musical sound of a discarded can being carried along by the breeze on the street below. Ah, so that is what woke me ..

Hmm, 4 things that pissed me off .. And it was only 4am..! I’m scared to think how damn cranky I will be by 12 o’clock!?

Do you know when I was a kid I used to fret about where the apostrophe went in o’clock? Looking back it seems such a simple thing but when I was first in school, gosh it used to worry me getting it wrong. I spent a lot of my childhood worrying.

Could be something to do with being born into a very loving, strict but “driven” family. I never quite managed to attain (or maintain, if I did occasionally get it right) the required standard .. luckily I worry about that less as I get older 😉

It’s cloudy today and this pisses me off. Not the least cos it’s:

I always feel a little cheated if it’s not fine on the weekend but also I’ve got a party to attend this evening, my best friend’s engagement party! Hundreds of people in attendance and my new party frock, purchased specially for the occasion, would really look a lot more apt on a sunny day. So could everyone please cross everything that the sun burns the clouds away? Ta ..

Does poor service get up your nose? It does mine. I don’t understand the work ethic a lot of people hold these days. Or fail to hold, as is more the case. Keep up will you? LOL You see, last night I was out with a few friends and the place we were at is frightfully de-rigueur. Everyone who’s anyone was there. Oh, plus me and my pals! 😉

A lovely setting, beautiful food, amazing wine / cocktails list: the whole thing was done well by the people with the concept .. But when it came to delivery?  Haphazard, at best. It must be so frustrating to have to rely on others to deliver your concept. I know I couldn’t do it..

Case in point: (Or several, really – cos our waitress failed to deliver on many counts!) Sure, she was busy but hell-o, bring a champagne bottle to the table without an ice filled bucket? Whatever. Cool, she remembered and bought us one eventually, but isn’t that just 1.01 service, it’s not like we asked for anything special.. ?

I loathe poor service with a passion. There, I said it! For all I know I’d make a rubbish waitress (way too many laps begging for hot soup or heads begging for cold drinks on ’em!) I kinda have this thing that if you’re going to do something – why not do it well?

Do you worry about the future of mankind? I do ..

I just don’t see how this soft society we’re developing is going to have what it takes to not fuck over the planet in a short frame of time.. I was immensely peeved this week to read an article about a teenager who was trying to sue his school for being treated badly.

A) the sensationalist article was a classic example of the dross “journalism” displayed by so many in that industry now and B) the kid was “distressed” because he’d been told he couldn’t come to school with lime green mohawk styled hair.

Sure, we all know I have a bit of a thing about lime green *grins* But ya know what, kid? Get the hell over yourself. The school you are in has a dress code, deal with it. Cos you know what? At some point it’s possible you’re gonna have to deal with the fact that some restaurants or clubs may not let you in if you’re not wearing a tie or some workplaces may expect you not to look like an unwashed leftover from the 70’s..

Assuming you can get to through the interview without becoming distressed at all the ‘tricky’ questions the nasty company asked you, of course .. *rolls my eyes*

What really annoyed me was his parents were also making like they were offended by the school’s stance. Did they not read the paperwork when they signed precious wee Johnny into the school?  Him and his parents need a boot applied rhythmically to their behinds.

And since I’m on the whole random rant thing – I’ve decided I really really don’t like those cats with the flattened ears. They just look kinda .. creepy, somehow ..

On a plus note, (assuming you’ve not given up on me for being a complete grouch in today’s post) I do believe I’ve run outta stuff to whinge about! Oh to have nothing but first world problems 😉 Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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  1. Oh, dear…*crossing fingers and closing eyes wishing for sun for you*

  2. What good is life without a good winge every once in a while – it’s good to get it off your chest, especially if you have a party to go to tonight! You don’t want all those sour feelings ruining your whole night too. Fellow bloggers are hear to listen & we all have those kinds of days!

  3. Glad the sun came out for you, and not to make light of them, but glad those are the problems highest on your list to complain about!
    Have a great weekend. While I wait for mine to even start here in The US…

    by the way, your brain hungover is much more active than mine sober…

    • Absolutely with you on the “that’s the worst you got, girlie” thing *grin* I forgot to mention my wardrobe threw up on the floor this week .. now you’re sorry for me, yes!?

      My hungover brain gets rehydrated by several shots of espresso seconds after I drag it to the kitchen, I think that helps 😉

  4. On the plus side, as I type this, it’s Friday here.

  5. I think that everyone has mornings like you’ve described here. I woke up in a very similar state this morning myself. But glad to hear that the sun came out, and I just have this feeling that you’re going to have a great time tonight!

    • I certainly plan to Chris 🙂 This is a huge event and everyone is amped, so it should be great fun.. I am off to go sit in the sun soon and colour up nicely (cheaper than make up lol) before heading to get my hair done and hit town with some friends for pre party dinner!

  6. Yesterday was my crap day. Stressed over the coming weekend’s weather forecast as I have a run-bike-run challenge on Sunday against my husband (prob delay due to weather) and I’m gonna kick butt! Then the car decided to have a hissy fit which ended all hopes of shopping which always makes me happy. So today was happy! Bike ride, bought a sexy new top/dress and step-daughter on her way to visit for a week, and friends from home visiting for the wknd. Now if only the rain holds off so I can kick ass on Sunday! THAT would make for my perfect weekend! Hope your’s is great and you have a fab party!

  7. I hope you come out of this. That last photo is giving me an anxiety attack.

  8. You do the best rants ever. I hope the day mellowed into something great for you, but thank you for making me lol on a very long friday. 🙂

    • It mellowed, as did I

      And today I’m nursing the mother of all hangovers from a fantastic night out..

      So not looking fwd to the dissection and photos tomorrow tho 😉

      Hope you’re having a good weekend after a horribly long week!?

      • The weekend is definitely on good footing today, especially after the thursday night derailment. But I’m getting back up to speed, on track, all those wonderful train analogies.

        On the subject of your mellowing, may I assume that there will be another post with pictures, like the last time you had the mother of all hangovers? 🙂

      • You were on the right train of thought there very much huh! LOLOL

        So yeah no drunken “wtf?” pics from Saturday, that would be more than naughty considering Mr New is in USA partying up large leaving me home alone *sniffle* That “meeting my ex” evening deal was the ultimate hangover geez .. this one only lasted one day, so either I am becoming used to binge drinking or it wasn’t as epic a night as I thought? Hah ..

  9. I agree with Julie. Wonderful style, very strong voice.

    I hope everything worked out for you in the end. I completely agree with you on the service and the article (I mean really!) but oh well. Life’s life. We can still party and complain and cuddle up with a good book in bed, so let’s do that instead!

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