OMG, Mr New came home a day earlier than he told me and surprised me just now with a beautiful bunch of white lilies (He listens! I vaguely recall once mentioning to him that they were my fave flowers) and a text message timed as the delivery was being made, to say: “I’m back, did ya miss me?”

Wanna know what really annoys me about this?

The thrill that I felt when I opened the card and saw who they were from. That stupid-assed grin that hasn’t yet been wiped off my face. That slightly giddy sense of wonder.. that he actually did something this lovely for me. 

And the fact that I acted like a complete wanker while he was away, in that I actually wasted energy worrying that I’d never see or hear from him again.

I was feeling very anxious this morning, no denying it. The fact is I knew he’d be out of contact because he told me so. But that didn’t stop me from being a dick and worrying. Aint baggage grand .. !

Ah well, at least I was able to internalise (or blogalise, as the case was) my stupidity instead of laying it on him or I am willing to bet I’d have received something quite different to flowers on his return .. 😉


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  1. Perhaps you’ll feel a little better, more reassured if he has to go away again. But that is incredibly sweet. I like this one, you may keep him 😀 Seriously, you deserve to be treated this fabulously.

  2. Aww, sweet thing to do! It’s amazing the weight it takes off your shoulders when you finally hear from someone that you like. You don’t realise how much it was bugging you until you hear from them 🙂

  3. OMG, I’m jumping up and down for joy for you!!! 🙂 Wow, what a beautiful surprise and I love that he came home 1 day early!!! Now stop all that worrying! Sit back and enjoy the ride! So exciting!!

    • hahah yeah I knew you’d enjoy this one!

      And we spent yesterday evening together and he updated me on the trip including the variety and qty of SKANKY WHORES he encountered but eschewed *grins* it was cute, actually .. cos his pals were very much enjoying the co of the locals by all accounts.

      He didn’t say it was cos of me, he said it was cos he didn’t think much of the girls but I have decided to presume it’s kinda cos of me and roll with that fanciful notion 😉

      • Roll with what works!! We all know how to read between the lines 🙂 I love reading about your love life, It’s what makes great stories!

  4. That’s great!
    And I bet if you tell him the story of how you spent his time away, he would smile and give you a kiss.
    I love happy endings!

  5. Awww! So sweet! Good job, Mr. New.

  6. Congratulations on your joyful reunion with Mr. New! 🙂

    And just to confirm what you already know, It is my pleasure to share with you The Liebster Blog Award. There is no need for you to do anything with it, other than to just enjoy it and take it as a compliment. Have a great day! 🙂

    • Hear hear! No idea what may happen next but I am (as advised) trying to just enjoy the ride.

      And I must admit, the assorted ‘return actions’ thus far have given me a huge boost and make me feel a lot less skittish so that is cool 🙂

  7. It’s okay to worry… well at least I think it is because I worry ALL the time… 😉

  8. So sweet…I hear the birds singing already. 😉

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