Sage counsel indeed . . lmfao!


Alright Ladies, I was a little hard on you last time…(That’s what she said!…Shout out to my girl E-Money!!! Dwight Schrute is a pimp! 😉

So, fellas….yep…it’s your turn….

Without further ado…..

Gentlemen…and yes, I’m using that term loosely.  This is why women run from you.  (Just note: I don’t even WANT to write this post, but to be fair, I need to….because if you retards keep doing this stuff, it just makes it easier for guys like me to find women.)

Seriously, I have several, available, successful, attractive female friends….here is their base list of requirements for finding a guy to bang….er, I mean date….(really, some of them only want a guy for that…but that’s for another time….)

First of all, OUR top ten list is more of a combination type of list.  Men will put up with a lot of crap….but if you have multiple things on that list…

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