Er .. Don’t look now but there’s a man .. Crying .. In my bedroom!

I’m gonna guess that every woman who’s ever done the dating thing has probably had a date just like this before. You know – the one with the cute guy .. The cute guy that you made cry ..

No? Just me?!?
Aw crap!

I have to say (in my defence) that I do not think I am an overly mean or unkind person. Sure, I’d definitely not fit the category of “super nice” but I’m not the most ball-busting kinda girl you ever met either. Well.. Maybe at work .. but in my personal life, I’m a complete sap ..

So to find myself in the situation of having a crying man in my bedroom was a little .. disconcerting .. to say the least!

During a dating phase (that lead to the series of dating disasters posts) a friend introduced cute guy and I via email.. We lived a few hundred miles away from each other and spent a few weeks exchanging some quite fun emails til the day came when we decided to meet up.

As per my “impatient female” thing, I like to meet fairly quickly when doing the online thing. Simply because I find things can move faster online and if there’s no chemistry in real life – tis best both parties know this!

Which perhaps segways neatly to another thing that always perplexes me – How some people seem so much funner electronically, than they are in real life!?

So anyway this guy duly rocks up to my town .. On the train. Which I did find kinda weird, but figured ..actually I don’t remember, it was a long time ago now. All I remember is thinking it was weird! That said, I picked him up at the station and we came back to my place where we sat and talked for awhile.. a long while.

Or so it felt, because O H  M Y  G O D this man was stultifyingly boring..

Every conversation I started was killed within a few short sentences. Every single door (conversational) slammed shut .. it was the most bewildering few hours ever spent!

But I’m no quitter. I boxed on! After all, the guy had uh, trained here from a few hours away and I felt I owed him something .. Or I’m a dreamer and just hoped it’d get better .. !?

Now maybe this next bit makes me a hussy but we’d covered a bit of ground during our chats before meeting and the concept of him coming to stay was something I was comfortable with.

And so, when evening fell and we made our way to the boudoir it’s fair to say I was .. bemused by how things went..

He stepped out of the en-suite and presented himself fully clad .. in flannel pajamas. Hot, I know..

Now I have to say I don’t believe I have EVER met a man who doesn’t happily disport himself about the place naked. You just seem totally cool with all your bits hanging out. So to be met by a man primly standing, book in hand (I know, right?) in his jimjams at the foot of my bed was .. weird.

Let’s roll with weird as today’s adjective.

I won’t go into gory details but let’s just say that our evening of “fun” together was akin to .. a 78yr married couple, I’d guess. Actually, maybe there’d be more wheezing and panting with that couple?

Hell it was awkward. Weird, even!

Next morning, in my attempt to ascertain what had gone wrong, I just upped and asked. “Dude, where’s your manhood?” Ok ok I didn’t say that but I’d guess from his response that I said that for all the words I uttered were slightly less harsh ..

And so it is you suddenly have me standing clad in appropriately (for the weekend I thought we’d planned!?) skimpy red lingerie, bemused, confused .. And frustrated to all heck – with a crying man in my living room.

To prove I am not completely awful.. once he had his lil cry by my clothesline (mm there was a storm out and cry … followed by me coming out to go “WTF?”) I very kindly dropped him back at the train station and bade him  ..



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  1. You are not the only one to make a man cry, though I’ve never done it in that situation.

    I had one boyfriend back when I was a wee teenager who, when I broke up with him, called me nearly daily for weeks and would just cry into the phone. Serious. I’d say “Hello?” and just hear crying. I’d ask if it was him, get more crying and then try to console him, and ever so gently guide him toward moving on with his life so I could move on with mine (selfish, I know). After some weeks of this, though, I had lost that smidgen of patience I once had (maybe this is why I don’t have any now?), and when he next called and cried at me, I snapped, “Look, are you a man or a child? Get over it!” and hung up. He stopped calling, though I heard he tried to get a couple of mutual friends to intercede with me. Thankfully, they were too smart to do that. Has to go down as one of my more awkward break ups. I mean, ending my marriage was easier than that.

    • omg @ just crying down the line at you – that is awesome I am so gonna do that to the next guy who dumps my arse!

      • I hoping that you don’t get that opportunity 😀 But seriously? Why the hell did he think that would get me to take him back? It only made me happier that I wasn’t his girlfriend anymore :p

      • The “Sympathy take back” is what he was after .. but as you say, all that would have done is made me realise I’d made the right decision! Same as you did .. I know every relationship ending hurts someone, to varying degrees so it’s never nice but I have to confess, the stiff upper lip “cry in your own space please men” works for me!

      • Ohhh I missed the bit about not getting the opportunity, me too *grin*

  2. There should be an award for Weirdest Date Stories. I think you’d nail it! 😉

    • There were weirder bits that went on which I opted to omit, probably would have given context but were just too .. well, then I would have felt 100% mean if I’d told all LOL

      Every single person (male or female) has gotta have a fistful of horror-dates in their history, makes us appreciate when things go OK 😉

  3. Yes, you are so bad. And so funny. A friend of mine went on what wa supposed to be a hot, erotic weekend away with a man she had just begun seeing. At night, he appeared wearing a tee shirt neatly tucked into his pajama bottoms. She went wild (not the good kind of wild).

    • Ah hell, my date musta been his twin brother??

      It either signifies NO clues or laziness, if you ask me ..

      In my guy’s case it was insecurity mixed with no clue. Which is odd cos he was very hot, so someone had damaged his ego seriously in the past and I wasn’t able to mend it! (nor helluva willing, after his lil cry at the end of the garden!)

  4. You are not a bad person, this man needed to sort himself out. I could help him, making a list of what he did wrong! Being shy, Wearing PJs, not being man enough to f**k you so hard it broke the bed … simples.

  5. thing is, electronically people have more time to think of an anwser and some have more confidence. though from the story, i wouldnt say your a bad person perse, his reaction sounds a little over dramatic.

    • You’re right, about the way one can come across IRL vs Online and having time to organise thoughts and witticisms etc. I mean heck: it took me an hour to write that last sentence! *grin* I have to say that since that experience I got jittery if a guy seemed to be too fab on email and would insist on chatting to them on the phone as well. That gave a better sense of their comms style .. Always good to learn ‘stuff’, even if it was a waste of red lingerie in this case! 😉

  6. Hmmm, if a man wrote about making a woman cry, would he think he was a horrible person? LOL glad that your love life has improved from that date!

  7. Wow. You were too much for him. He was clearly out of his league with you, and he snapped under the pressure. You were just too awesome for him, Fred! The Fred? He couldn’t handle the Fred. Actually, he sounded like he really forgot how to date and have fun, and so he just acted married. You had a one night marriage!

    • Hmm @ the Chad er, Fred!

      LMAO @ one night marriage tho .. you are so right!

      I suspect actually he’d never stepped it thru in his mind as to how it would go.He was a terrible kisser too, big no-no. Had very prim lips that he kept pursed. I kid you not. Was like being attacked by a .. man with primly pursed lips *sigh*

  8. I broke up with about years ago and it wasn’t enough to cry to me, he’d call and cry to my mother…she lost patience quickly.

  9. huh? trying to understand why you went to bed with him??? continue…

  10. Oh dear. Don’t feel too bad about it. We all need different things in love, and we’re all willing to give things different than the next person. The key’s finding someone who matches you, and you’re doing him a favour by letting both of you find that ‘right’ person so much sooner!

  11. How the hell do you find these types? Of note, men crying during very patriotic events is okay, as is during military funerals.

    But this guy wouldn’t even give you tongue??

  12. Too too funny.
    Though I find your disdain for flannel pajamas unsetttling. My girl loves them.
    I sleep mostly naked.

    • This was 15yrs ago, now I think flannel PJs rule .. OK no, I lied .. Please don’t hate me but I just dun’ think they’re 1st impression night attire *grin*
      Anyway, I prefer to sleep clad just in my man’s arms.
      Cos if he’s doing things right, jammies are SO not .. welcome 😉

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