I hate you please die

After a great Saturday night out with friends I woke up horribly hungover today and – as I sat in the bedroom pondering the meaning of life – or more to the point: why I didn’t have a coffee machine in my bedroom.. I was reminded of something someone had said to me during our night out. But it’s so rude oh wait it’s in the subject line doh ..

Ah well, can’t win ’em all. Or is that “shit happens” – Hmm, maybe both are apt!

Which segways neatly to yet another random thought: Isn’t it cool how the internet is overflowing with information?

Without a doubt one of the most common – and one I take full advantage of on my blog – is love themed quotes for women. Tis fair to say that some of them very much feed my romance with communication. Sure, some quotes can be a bit corny and some poignant, with others being simply inspirational.

But all of them somehow speak to this confused heart of mine.

Yeah me too ..

You see, this entry is inspired (or instructed, really!) by the Infamous Hobbler <– Click her name to go have a read of her entry then come back and let me know which are my 3 .. !


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  1. Meaning of life, shit happens, Internet overflowing with information

  2. spontaneous outbursts of confusion… nice!

  3. Feel the love folks! G’wan, feel it!

  4. very much, confused & gobbledegook?

  5. OK time for the reveal!

    Somewhat oddly, the TITLE of this post was one of the search terms used .. wonder if my ex husband has been here?? *grins*

    The other two were:

    “love themed quotes for women” and “my romance with communication” ..

    I tell you what tho – there’s been some weird searches used lately, may do this theme more often just for my own bemusement 😉

    Thanks Hobbler, fun idea!

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