Hmm, it’s “serious talk” time .. !?

For someone who doesn’t do serious helluva well (him, not me!) I was somewhat surprised to get a text from Mr New yesterday saying we needed to have a serious discussion in the next couple of days.

This wee gem has, of course, sent me into a complete tail spin as I run thru’ all the various things he may want to discuss .. I was very good tho, I replied with “Cool, I’m free at X time on Y day” and so we’re scheduled to have said “serious discussion” tomorrow evening.

Sooo, what do you think he wants to talk about?


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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like this involves us WP’ers too 🙂 Ugghh, the anticipation! Sending positive vibes that “our” talk with Mr. New is all perfect!

  2. I’m thinking that it may be about blogging… just a hunch… hope it goes as well as you expect and want and is a “serious talk” that you would like to have.

  3. He wants no less than 3 babies and wants to be sure you’re on board.

    • don’t mention hanging .. !!

      I am gonna run with scissors no I mean run with the fact that he didn’t sound overly angry or stressed in his tone (of text mm yeah ok whatever – I’m reaching maybe?) so it could be simple like he wants to cancel our holiday plans or has to tell me he has 14 children or something .. no?

      Sigh .. tomorrow is a long way away lol

  4. “Reject his reality — and substitute your own” — Myth Busters

  5. Sending lots of compassion and understanding your way…

  6. You spend way too much time thinking of what go possibly go wrong to call yourself happy.

  7. This is either a great thing or a not-so-great thing. Here’s hoping it’s good news and he wants to take your relationship to the next level! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  8. I’d remain calm and make a flow chart of possible issues and appropriate responses. Too nerdy?

  9. Nothing like a little drama – which no one needs! (You get to pick the place?) Wait, one of you is a cat person and one is a dog person? No, one of you recycles, one of you doesn’t? No. One of you wants a large luxury car and one of you insists on walking…in non-leather shoes?One of you …shoot. I’ll just have to check back. Cliffhanger. ( you might as well laugh about it!)

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