Friends in need (Pains indeed!)

A dear friend of mine dropped in today .. just as I was busy settling into a fabulously filthy black mood ..  And I have to grumble that his presence completely threw me off! All I wanted was to sit and be miserable and instead this jerk turned up ..

And made me laugh!

See, we have this private joke .. it came about many years ago when I was bitching and moaning during a fat day and (horrible man that he is!) said friend grabbed my chin (And to be honest: I do only have one but still..) he looked me deep in the eyes and .. Well, before I go on .. I have to admit, I expected words of great wisdom to be uttered and instead, I got:

“Chins up darlin‘ .. ”

Delivered dead pan .. til I absorbed what he said .. then punched him, as we fell about giggling.

Fate (for all a fickle bitch) has it that this friend arrived because HE has done the long distance thing before and as my best best friend – he’s able to be blunt as hell about it, based on his experience .. but he also knows me well enough to know what my issues are, and what may or may not work for me.

His boyfriend – someone he cared deeply for even – disappeared off to live and work in Europe some years ago. And as we both lamented (him from experience, me from checking online!) the cost of getting from the bottom of the world to the top is prohibitive.

Not only that but as he said: “girl, it is very hard to look fabulously sexy when you’ve just spent 35 hours wedged into a flying coffin along with the seething, snoring and generally awful masses!”

Anyway, we sat and talked about his experience and how hard it was. About the good parts (the times spent together after time spent apart) and the bad (the fact that you are miserable half the time you’re together because you’re counting down to their departure!) and how it might or might not pan out with Mr New.

Long story short, no friggen idea if things can work or not .. but on a plus note I didn’t commit harekare (sp!) or drink my breakfast .. NOR did I get the chance to collapse in a heap and be a drama queen either and for that, I GUESS I should thank my friend.

Damn him 😉


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  1. Okay, now that is an absolutely fabulous friend, and I personally love that he interrupted (and derailed from the sound of it) your filthy black mood. Everyone needs a friend like that and I’m glad you have one handy. I love the private joke. One thing, do you still get to call it private now that you’ve shared it here? 😀

  2. We all need a friend like that. I’m sure you’re there for him when he needs you, too!

  3. I’m glad that your friend in need had such good timing, even if you didn’t think so at the time when he first showed up. 🙂

  4. Love hurts… but loneliness kills… (I just made that up, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t brilliant)

  5. A great friend to have, if he can snap you out of a funk!

  6. You’re quite lucky from my point of view.

  7. What a good friend–it’s (at the very least) comforting, to know you have friends to rely on and get good moods out of you even if your current love life doesn’t work out!

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