A plea, to the code cutters of WP

Just because you CAN, does not mean you should.. I’m tired of $#@! trying to find things because one of you has decided we need to have multiple tabs to view our stats and stuff. I liked the table format for reading blogs under assorted topics. I’m fed up with not being able to easily read the comments I’ve made on other blogs. But at the same time, WTF were you thinking with the emailed comments check box bizzo?

I read and comment on a lot of very busy blogs. My inbox is having conniptions thanks to the new spam check box you’ve developed! Have you people not heard of the unsolicited email laws? Ok it probably doesn’t count since this is the WWW and a blog but OMG please change it back, that functionality chaps my ass.

*stomps off in a huff* 


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  1. You are not alone! It is driving me crazy too.

    • I know it’s not that hard to uncheck the comments box but even then sometimes it doesn’t work, I tested it over on Brainrants and unchecked it as I posted my comment but am still getting all the damn emails – GRR!

      • Yeah, I think it is doing different things to different people. Another blogger was talking about how it made her unfollow a bunch of people.

      • Oh hell, that would annoy me too. The other thing I HATE is the format for reading topics. Unless I’ve done something wrong, I now have to scroll down instead of having 12 or 16 presented and going page by page thru them? It’s just so much more work?

      • Yeah, I think that is crap too. For a few hours one day they had this notification tab that I liked, but it’s gone now. That was the only change that made sense.

      • Oh I LOVED that .. it was superb. I struggle to keep up with comments made on other blogs now .. hell, who am I kidding, I’m so far behind it’s embarrassing. I’ve made myself a promise not to write new entries til I’ve caught up on old comments..

      • Lol, I’m behind too, and I’m a little OCD about it. I just don’t want to miss something good, but I’m just starting over now. It has been too busy lately.

  2. I am with you, I comment a lot and now I have to remember to UNcheck the box. i’m glad I just typed that, it reminded me to uncheck the box.

  3. I have the same problem…here’s what you do. In the email, you go to subscription options and it will take you to all the blogs you have recently made a comment on. You delete it and you stop getting comment follow ups. So f-ing annoying! You have to do it for each freaking blog! But don’t worry, it doesn’t delete your subscription.

  4. Amen, sista!

    Now let me uncheck that box at the bottom.

  5. I’m glad that you posted this, because I’m about one more WordPress FUBAR situation away from writing my own version.

    On one hand, WordPress has some very innovative and cool ideas, and they are always trying to create new and better ones. (to make certain that we become hopelessly addicted to spending ALL our time here, until our ISP shuts us off for nonpayment, long after the spouse and kids are gone)

    On the other hand, WordPress is like a hyperactive little boy who can’t sit still, can’t stop causing us trouble, and can’t ever leave well enough alone, constantly going around and breaking things by taking them apart, when these things were working just fine.

    A happy medium somewhere in between the two personality extremes of WordPress would make me a lot happier. Moderation in innovation, without repeatedly screwing things up…

    • I’ve been told WP is one of the better places to blog but I have nothing to compare it to, since this is the only place I’ve done such a thing.

      However, sometimes there comes a time where maybe they could OFFER people changes so we can say “SOD OFF” if we think it’s gonna suck.

      Maybe we should demand they do some regression testing, taking it back to somewhere we all go “yes please” to!?!?

      of course the issue is we all will like diff functionality, gah!

  6. Don’t worry, they’ll undo it and find some new exciting way to piss us off.
    Wordpress – It’s The New Facebook!

  7. It can be fixed by you as thelifeofjamie says but it is still a huge pain in the butt

    • As someone who’s spent most of her life avoiding pains in the butt, it irks me to have WP do this. I’d be more pissy if I was a paying customer, damn things being free and changeable 😉

  8. Do you know what I find outragous? You went to Paris and didn’t swim across the chanell to see me!

  9. Gah!! That’s what’s been happening! Holy shit it’s AWFUL!! I’m so glad you posted this…I was beginning to think I missed something with all the emails and comments flooding in. I did uncheck the box…Thanks!

  10. We should all rise up and revolt against WordPress… but then where would we all go?

  11. Have to give them their due, they changed it! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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