Mirror mirror on the floor ..

I have a dinner date tonight with a man who looks just like Mr Big of SATC fame. He sent me a message via my online dating profile .. it wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t creepy (by default I guess that makes it pretty damn good lol) and I do not know why I replied immediately, because I was busy replying to a heap of older messages, but I did.

And he came back with a 2nd email that was better than the 1st and we emailed back and forth for an hour before he had to go offline .. However we exchanged cell phone numbers before he went offline and my guess is his afternoon was about as productive as mine, because we spent the entire afternoon and evening texting back and forth.

Not only was he funny, he was smart – which most of you will know is a prerequisite for giving great text!

One of the things I like about texts and online “meetings” is that if they can communicate in that forum, odds are they should be pretty good in real life. This isn’t ALWAYS the case (more on that later) but 9x out of 10 I’d say it’s bang on. If they’re schmucks IRL, it shows up in their texts eventually ..

Anyway, I decided to be brave and invited him over for a drink if he was ever in the neighbourhood and that is how it was that the next afternoon he was sitting on my couch drinking a coffee. We had a great time, body language experts would have died laughing: we ended up sitting facing each other on the couch in damn near mirror positions.

No moves were made it was just 2 hours of conversation and laughter, til he finally said he had to go – but he clearly didn’t want to. It was so old fashioned in a way, in a cool way .. that obvious enjoyment of each other, the polite uncertainty of it all.

Before he left he offered to help me do something I’d clearly not been able to do myself (I have a huge mirror leaning on the wall in my living room – it’s too heavy for me to hang on my own .. oh and I don’t own a drill or the ness bits to hang the damn thing lol) .

Of course, in suggesting that he help he would need to come back .. but it was a no pressure way of assessing what I was thinking, I suppose.

I forget how it happened but the conversation drifted to some other topic so I never got to say “yes please” but as he left I said “If you would like to come back and do that wee chore I could make you dinner as “payment?” and told him to let me know a date that suited him ..

He said OK and drove off leaving me standing there grinning like a cheshire cat in my doorway. 15 minutes later I got a text saying “Friday would be good for me if it works for you?”

Which is how we have a dinner date happening in 6 hours time.

Oh and that evening we texted non-stop til midnight and he dropped by yesterday to check what tools he needed for today. I’m trying not to get excited because honestly, my track record is total garbage but hey if nothing else – a lovely meal will be had and my mirror will be (well!?) hung 😉

Wish me luck.. for now I have to go trim, tweeze, wash, straighten, wax and pillage everything. Do boys KNOW how much effort goes into a date, I wonder??


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  1. How cool is that. Okay, be careful just in case he’s a serial killer, and hope you have so much fun! You have to tell us all about it tomorrow!

  2. This is so cute. Hope it was a lovely evening!

  3. A well hung man … Errrr…. Mirror is very important. Have fun!

  4. They really have no idea what goes into preparing for a date! I’m with you on all of the above, plus sit ups two days before. (sigh) 🙂

  5. giving great text… I like it.
    E-mance… ain’t it grand. Nothing like a little textual gratification.

  6. Good luck, hope it goes well and definitely looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

  7. Dinner dates eh! That is totally exciting.. and I do hope it goes well.. for the mirror too. By the way, the guys will undergo the same effort just the same to prepare on dates… Good luck and have lots of fun.. Looking forward to your next blog. Relax for now and get ready to flash your dazzling smile for Mr. Big later! you go girl!

  8. Hope it goes well…and the mirror is hung successfully. Ooohhh, keep us posted!!! :)))

  9. Awesome! You go girl! It’s sounds so fun! Love those opening moments of meeting someone leading up to great dates. The energy is buzzing! Enjoy!

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