(World’s worst!) Blogger award

I’ve been an awful blogger lately and I’m sorry. I read a lot of blogs [but don’t comment because I find it tedious to do so on my phone] I read everyone’s comments on my blog [again on my phone but can’t bear to reply because it’s just too painful] .. Every now and then I get in front of a real computer, only to spit out a rant and then vanish back inside myself.

Refer earlier “worst ever blogger” award statement.

Because I KNOW this isn’t a good way to be. I know if I commented on a blog and was largely ignored I’d probably give up, thinking the blogger was a total asshole. And I don’t want you to think I am a total asshole .. Or even an incomplete one 😦

But honest to god, I don’t know where to go right now or what to do. I am so confused. I’m so stressed out. So unhappy and yet sort of OK all at once. Refer earlier “confused!” comment..

After my trek to the other side of the planet, I came back semi-sorted mentally, thinking I knew where I needed to be. Mentally, I honest to god, tried to move on. And I moved on physically, to assist in the transition.

But he won’t go away. He’s kept in touch. However it’s not actually a good thing, a bunch of stuff is going down – almost all of which just serves to confuse me right now.

So yeah, I’m pissed off, upset, angry, hurt and confused. Awesome combo eh? 😦

But enough of this, really I just wanted to say hey .. and sorry .. for being an asshole. For being AWOLand awful. I miss the chit chat I used to enjoy on assorted blogs. I miss having fun on WP.

And I appreciate the fact that you’re sticking it out and putting up with me while I’m in this total state of limbo. So here’s an award for you!

Thanks for not giving up on me!



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  1. I can’t give up on you. You are my back up plan. You haven’t been a bad blogger and your ex is probably contacting you because he’s realize what he’s lost, so he’s going to piss you off to try to make him feel better. That sucks though. Can you block him from contacting you? Or do you want to leave that communication open? Does he read your blog and maybe jealous? Do you ever wish I would just shut up? 😉 I probably will just see your reply in the morning. My sleeping pill is finlly doing it’s magic, but a. You don’t have anything to feel bad about b. Men suck c. We could always become lesbians. Love you!

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard other women say this about their ex’s. It’s crazy but it makes sense (this comments section isn’t long enough to get into that). Know that you will survive. You will heal. You will grow. You will get to another place in your life, look back at this and smile, knowing that whatever happened before brought you to the better place where you will be. It will happen.

  3. Hey we all get sidetracked at the best of times! I’ve been really bad as well, all I’ve been able to do is my Daily Thought! I haven’t been reading anyone’s posts lately, so I’ve decided to dedicate the updating to the weekends, but I did have a brief moment this morning and was happy to see you back on. I’ll look forward to reading up on everyone’s news on the weekends. Whatever works right?

  4. No apologies! We all have stuff going on. Do what you gotta do and we will be here…no worries! Take care…

  5. Couldn’t click “like” because you really aren’t.
    Like kayjai said, we’ll be here when you come around, and be happy to see you when you do!

  6. You’re not deserving of the award you’re trying to give yourself. You’re going through something major and someone isn’t helping with the getting over the past part of things. You’re allowed to take some time for you. *hugs* and I hope things get better soon for you. I’ll be here when you’re all the way back in the WP fold. 🙂

  7. Your comments are so good when you do make them. Do we need to chip in and get you a laptop?

  8. Well, even if you WERE the worst blogger in the world, which you are not… I would still read and enjoy your posts, (except that I don’t enjoy knowing you are sad) and I could give a flying purple polka dotted kerfuffle as to what anyone else thinks about it! So, there!!!

    And don’t stress over comments or no comments… You do have a gift for fun and funny comments, but if some days, or even a lot of days, you just aren’t feeling up to commenting, well then just wait until you’re feeling more into it again.

    Although my reasons aren’t the same as yours, I had to take a two week break from “World of WordPress” myself, and it was all still there when I was able to come back.

    We are your friends and we are willing to wait for you… It’s the least that we can do.

  9. In my short time around you, I have been impressed. Not to mention the colossal character of the group of people you have supporting you. I look forward to being around when you get back in the saddle.

  10. You’re fine. There’s no posting minimum.

  11. sorry that you’ve been going through a rough patch but don’t let the blogging or lack thereof stress you– blogging is supposed to be a happy thing and/or therapeutic, and it’s hard to write when your mind is otherwise preoccupied.

    hope things settle down and start looking up soon! (((HUGS)))

  12. We are flashmobbing Hotspur today. I thought you might be interested in helping. For more details: http://wp.me/p2pR2U-1n3

  13. Why does it bother me?

    CUT HIM OUT. I have just had to say this to a male friend about a girl. She left him with a smidge of hope and it is the cruelest thing. You have changed so many things now just pick him off and flick him away like a crusty bit of skin. Grrr. And get blogging again. I miss your writing. 🙂

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