Flashing isn’t always creepy (is it?)

When I think “Edward Hotspur“, my mind immediately conjures up a raft of adjectives. Prolific writer (and due to his awesome readers, his comments are almost as good a read as his blog .. Of course, one could possibly .. just maaaybe blame this lady in some ways ..;) )  Other adjectives include satirical, iconic. Laconic. A bit of a twit with a weird fetish about unicorns (that pee rainbows, preferably).

In my mind Edward does nothing but take long morning drives, well in between listening to music and blogging. Oh wait I lie, he has his own line of mechandise  too. This man knows no limits ..

I first “met” Edward Hotspur when he commented on my blog back in September last year.

I’ve stalked him ever since 😉

In preparation for this post, I googled him this morning and then trawled thru to page 12 before getting bored with trying to find just ONE page without a reference to him. (Short attention span, I blame the drugs) one thing did leap out at me when I was doing the search tho, and I thought it was quite apt:

“Nefarious Wit And Devastating Charm: Edward Hotspur” – No idea if he tweeted it about himself or where it came from but I liked it! 

Anyway, all I can say is – Happy Flash mob day, EH! And to everyone else? You’d be a mug not to read him!

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  1. Awwwwwwwww, Fred! You’re the second best! And also the best! You’re taking up two slots! That’s how awesome you are! Oh shit! I just ran out of exclamation points>?&%$

  2. This was awesome. He scarcely deserves such praise, but be that as it may… what is with the blue underlined stuff? Is that how you get search strings or whatever? Or are those just links to his holiness’s blog? I want to know this stuff.

  3. I’m only slightly jealous…I’ll let you love on Hotspur tonight, but you’re mine tomorrow.

  4. There’s no one that Hobs won’t do. She’s a ‘love ’em and leave ’em until they come up again in the rotation’ type.

  5. Did someone say “short attention spaM (bot)?”

    sorry – they just released me today…


  6. Get your ass over to my girl party! Now! I want to see you cum…I mean come. 😉

    • ROTFL on several counts .. I have JUST sat down to have a wine and do some emails / read some blogs after a very hectic day. And your message arrived!

      I have a dinner date here tonight. This is our 6th date, in 5 weeks .. Shhhh don’t wanna jinx it lol

      • Okay, fine, I’ll leave you alone for now, but you better ask for the password and come later. Actually, I’ll DM you the password on Twitter

      • Where do I come (omg there’s a sentence i never expected to utter!) he’s not due for an hour .. and I’m on my 3rd wine lol his dinner is gonna be shite doh!!!

      • It is the “protected party post from a couple of days ago. Come when you can spend a little time though. There is almost 280 comments from about 6-8 of us girls. I’ll remind girls tomorrow on my blog to go. It is very mature. I need to put a warning on it.

      • Damn it! I mean, I’m happy for you. Seriously that is pretty cool in a non jinxing way. I was in the process of writing a long comment, then it got deleted, but I’m not approving your comments on the good blog. We are leaving for the summer, but I’ll blog on my phone pretty often. A certain someone in my house is losing his mind, hopefully temporarily, but I don’t want him tracing your comment back here, so yeah…anyway, have fun on your date!

      • I can’t wait to hear how your net-less summer goes!! My date is gonna be fine, he’s intelligent, decent and nice. NOT Mr Long term but very much Mr “Ok and that’s OK”. He makes me laugh and he’s funny .. Kinda weird, he goes “Yummm” when he kisses me tho?!?!?

      • He sounds like he is trying to be sweet. What is he going to say when he kisses other parts of you though? He’s already used “yummm” up.

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