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I promised myself I wouldn’t write another post til I’d replied to a few of the comments (cos I love my comments and my “commenters”!) on my last couple of posts but I am in danger of having people think I’ve dropped off the planet so thought a quick update was in order before a busy weekend!*

Taking the advice from one reader who said “kick that idiot over in Europe to the curb” I have managed to push him out of my mind for the most part (approx. 98% there, lol .. he still manages to creep into my thoughts now and then) and I have been happily doing my own thing.

Healing, I called it today when talking to a friend. That sounds ever so slightly melodramatic but it’s been an awful couple of years with a bunch of stuff going on for me (not solely related to my love life) and this self-imposed exile has been extremely helpful.

It’s been a time for me to clear my mind. To assess what was really important to me .. and what was not so important. Interesting times indeed! And, as I say – very helpful..

As well, I’ve been slowly getting to know a man I met online the week I moved here. I’d not mentioned him and for no particular reason, I think it’s probably because he was just normal / fine so it was more entertaining pondering WTF the deal was with the pumpan’dump guy than saying I’d had a wine with a nice guy 😉

I hadn’t put any “label” on what we were doing until my best friend said to me “So you’re a couple now?” after a lovely dinner and drinks date on Friday evening. She was being sarcastic because in giving her the “bff to bff account of the evening” I’d said we didn’t have sex (SHE asked, we have no boundaries this friend and I LOL) but it did make me think “gosh, are we a couple?”

My thinking is I don’t actually want (nor need) to label it. I just am going to enjoy it and see what happens. Maybe having a certain lack of expectation is helpful to relationship longevity or maybe I’m just too tired of being hopeful and being let down, whichever it is, I am at peace with this no-label deal and enjoying spending time once or twice a week with this man.

And that in itself is kinda cool.

Also cool is the fact I’ve rediscovered the joy of music and I’ve also gotten into gardening. Yes, often at the same time! I have an amazing (ancient but awesome!) stereo but my ex didn’t like music (noise, he called it) so when I got here I had it set up so I have speakers all through my house including 2 that pipe the ‘noise’ outside. Which works well with my new found gardening habit.

I never knew it could be so satisfying!

I don’t like the dirty fingernails thing but love the result of my labours and each day I go out to my winter vege patch and eye up the very stressed out plants (as I imagine them covered in cheese sauce or gravy alongside my fave meals!) and delight in the whole vege patch thing I have going on.

Not quite taking time to smell the roses but along the same lines I’d guess.

Anyway, I do hope everyone out there is well. I often think of you guys and do try to read for all I don’t often comment but I WILL catch up some time (You’ve been warned!) Meantime I really must go and think about some more weeding. The down-side to gardening!

*Hah didn’t get this finished before he came over on Friday, it’s now Sunday afternoon and I’m trying to finish this in between other critical things I keep promising myself I will do – such as gardening and sitting in the sunshine 😉

And just cos it made me giggle:


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  1. Glad to hear things are going well for you. Sometimes the best way to heal (not melodramatic at all in my book) is to find something you love and then do it until you’re better. Many hugs and again, so glad to see things looking up. It sounds like the life reassessment is doing it’s job.

    • Same here chick. It’s been a roller coaster few years for me and time out has helped immensely! On the brink of diving back into the world again, for all I am enjoying this lazy lady scene!! 😉

  2. Ain’t no farcelane like a happy farcelane!
    You enjoying yourself without stress brings a smile to my face.

    Though if you just want drama for its own sake, you and nice guy could argue about which is a better food:
    Butter or Mayonaisse.
    The conversation will (of course) need to be posted.

    Rock on, LITFL! 😉

  3. Sounds like things are going pretty good. I, of course, hope that each of our relationships with men go to hell so we can give up on men altogether, but I’m secretly happy for you.

  4. Glad you’re more settled. Not all guys are iceholes 🙂

    • lmao what was that movie where they said “fargin ice holes” all the time in a gangsterish tone? I wanna say it had Johnny Depp in it but that could just be cos he’s in every weird movie there is *grins*

  5. Gardening is like caressing mother natures breasts… but in a good, spiritual way, not a creepy way… just so you know. Gee, I sort of thought I told you ages ago to forget about Mr. Hump and Dump. The old In and Out of here. Wham, bam, I gotta jam, because I don’t really give a damn. Oh well. I also knew you would be happier when you stopped thinking about it so hard. You should really listen to me more… or only… because I care…

  6. Love the card. Made me laugh. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re healing. Sunshine and gardening. That will do it!

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