Breaking up (r)

This is in part inspired by Edward Hotspur, a blogger I always enjoy. Reading or whatever 😉

I think reposting old content is really sensible, it may bring “new” readers up to speed or attract new readers. We won’t dwell on how it may bore “long term” readers to tears. Let’s hope they can cope *grins*

Not sure I am doing this right tho but here –> when is it right? is a link to a blog post I made almost a year ago. About when the time is right to end a  long term relationship.. Something I was in the throes of doing!



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  1. A song for every condition.
    Why are there two empty boxes?

    And I’m relieved there’s no Nickelback there.

  2. This is self gratification of the finest kind…

  3. I think that it is better to be happy and alone than to be in an unhappy relationship.

  4. That Edward Hotspur must be a hell of a guy to have inspired a whole break-up song chart.

  5. Jennifer Worrell

    I love Puddle of Mudd and My Chemical Romance. Great chart and cool tribute to an interesting blogger…Hey Guap? What’s Nickelback ever done to you? HA!

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