I’m actually in love with someone else

But I really do enjoy spending time with you and hope we can continue to do this?

That is the line uttered to me just now. Or 2 hours ago, I should say. I’ve spent the last wee while staring at the wall (and drinking gin — lots) whilst trying to work out why the universe thinks it’s so funny to fuck with me this way (I’m actually laughing as I type that bit but in a teeth-gritted sorta way!) 😉

Ahh hell..!

Yeah so Mr nice guy – who is really nice – is in love with a woman who isn’t in love with him. Yes. I asked. It’s like tooth ache – I had to go there! From my asking, an hour long discussion ensued. About the woman of his dreams. (ie not ME!) but instead about a woman he’s madly in love with ..

A woman who does not share those feelings. Yet.
He hopes.

So he’s trying to move on. His words..

If moving on means dating someone else, he’d be right – we’d all agree, yes? And hey, honesty IS the best policy, everyone knows this! But uh yeah he’s IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

Let’s not lose sight of those words. Cos HONESTLY, talking to him and watching his face as he talked. He aint moving on. He’s just trying to.

But he’s in love.. Poor man.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board we go lol


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  1. Oh man, ouch. That must have been hard to hear. I suppose that’s worse than no response at ll, maybe… That sucks. I’m sorry.

    But it does make me super glad I’m working through my current situation and not diving in to the next thing like I’ve always done. I’d hate to do that to someone.

    • I totally agree hon, your self analysis and hard work will prevent hurting you AND someone else in the long run, hopefully .. of course sometimes you hurt people without meaning to but that’s to do what is right for you – and that’s actually OK but in this case it was just a bit of a .. fizzer lol

      Not a total loss, I made a nice friend and he is a good guy 🙂

  2. Edward Hotspur

    Omg how do you meet these guys?

    • There’s millions of ’em out there? LOL
      There’s two ways of looking at it really.

      1) Become scared & jaded such that I don’t ever open myself up to anything happening be it good OR bad.

      2) Keep on trying just in case I get it right.

      I far prefer option 2. I mean heck, what would I blog about? My garden? Yawnville!!! 😉

  3. Oh dear. I hate to be mean, but if he’s not actually moved on, if he’s still in love with this woman, he really shouldn’t be out there dating. That’s wildly unfair to the women he does date (ie you).

    I’m trying to see this in a positive light. At least he was honest with you. And, if karma really does work, I’m imagining the sheer awesomeness of the man coming down the road at you. After this many fizzles/jerks/bad situations, dear god, have you earned him. :p

    • LMAO@ karma! Nice concept…..! I will be honest with you, I’m OK with this particular set up. As in, I wasn’t entirely sure what was holding me back with this guy but something was. OMG I’m lurning? *grins* As you say, it’s actually good he was honest, really . . but I did point out to him that maybe he should not be dating til he totally sorted out his feelings 😉

  4. I think I dated that guy a long time ago. Ugh.

    Two of those guys actually, but who’s counting?

    • Well it turns out he’s STILL in love with you .. So if you could come and sort him out I’d appreciate it!!! *grins* I suppose a nice guy is always going to be a risk by virtue of him being super in touch with his feelings?? ie holding on to old ones?? Dunno, not often I get together with a nice guy lol

      • Thankfully, my husband is still in love with me and a nice guy. As for anyone else, I sincerely doubt it. I have every intention of either staying married forever or dying young just to avoid the dating scene. 🙂

        Good luck though!

  5. I hope thIngs turn around for you Pet.

  6. Um, excuse me, but have you forgotten about us?

  7. I don’t know what to say. Your life is a soap opera. I wish I could tell you what you are doing wrong to meet these guys. So you could stop doing it. Keep turning over rocks, and you keep finding slugs, salamanders and earth worms.

  8. Don’t worry – the right guy will come around soon.
    He’ll have to, because (and I apologize for saying this), I think you’re nearing the end of ways relationships could possibly end.
    I mean, about all that’s left is the guy who has a penguin fetish, and one guy who will ask if you mind always dressing up like Steve Irwin (sorry, i don’t know a lot of Australian celebrities).

    Sorry this didn’t work out, but love your determination to keep plugging away.
    Rock on, LITFL!

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