I KNOW who I am

For all I don’t know how to have a successful long term relationship, I do know the person that I am. If I can say it without sounding vain – I even kinda like me and over the years have grown to realise that despite many short-comings – there’s a lot about me that is kinda OK. I know what makes me tick and the strengths and weaknesses that form the package deal of me.

Which I think is different to: “I’m a complete fuck up and I don’t understand why I can’t land a man” or “I have Daddy issues and wish the men in my life treated me better” – or .. Whatever ..

I suspect that sometimes people must read my blog, read the questions that I find myself asking .. As well as the “internal thought processing” I engage in and they must think I am a complete and utter loser.

Depending on your slant .. Your life experiences .. Your beliefs (etc) you’ll either think I’m a hard-assed bitch with no chance of finding herself a man. Or you’ll think I’m a hapless soul stumbling from drama to drama, and if I land a man it’ll be by pure luck 😉

So to the charming gentleman *snort* who took the time to email me and suggest I get over myself (plus a bunch of other inspirational statements) I say get lost. Oops I mean “thanks” but I’m happy muddling along as I am. So do us a favour –  take your arsehole comments and go harass someone else k

On a plus note it got me mad enough to check in and update my blog *grins* Hi to everyone, I hope you’re all well out there in WP land – I miss you all but omg I’m busy working some crazy hours all over the world and it’s really leaving me no time to even catch my breath!

But I miss you all and hope you’re all fabulous x


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  1. I hate to encourage him by thanking him for bringing you back a bit, but, well, you get the picture. And I don’t see either extreme in you, just another woman trying to maintain who she is while figuring out how to do the relationship thing at the same time. FYI, I think that’s pretty normal. If you figure out the secret, please share?

    I miss you, but I’m glad to hear things have turned relatively sunny side up. I say relatively because I’d love it if the job left you some time for us. And maybe breathing too. I’ve heard that’s important too. *hugs*

    • hahahah yeah breathing is good, some days I manage it – other days not so much 😉

      I miss you guys too, I just am exhausted (and have been sick so that hasn’t exactly helped) and kinda ragged at the moment but that man sending me his snarky email really got up my nose — as you can tell *grins*

      I still try to have a read now and then of blogs I follow but it depends whether there’s wifi where I am and / or if I can focus my eyes grrr

      How’s the writing going??? Weekend now for you so I imagine it’s going well 😉

      • Very well. Devan’s… *swoon* He’s very cooperative. I’m writing his second book now. I’m having just one problem. All I want to do is write. I sit at work and I want to go home and write. I try to sleep and I want to sit up and write (even though I can’t keep my eyes open). I think I’m addicted to my Necromancer. Is that a bad thing? I can’t tell anymore.

        Oh, and I’m stalking you on Twitter now.

  2. Welcome back!

    We all go through these relationship issues for may seem like an eternity at times. I’m currently recovering from a break up (Well, actually, I think I may have recovered a while ago but then some days I wonder if I’m too optimistic or stupid to know any better) and I can tell you that it isn’t any easier for guys 😉

    • Aww sorry to hear about the break up but am glad you’re recovering. Nothing wrong with stupidity AND optimism (it’s the dose that counts) grins .. Hope the other side of the planet is warm and treating you well otherwise??

      • I think the doses of stupidity and optimism are okay – it’s the people around me who overdosed on stupidity that I’m worried about!

        This side of the planet veers between being nice & toasty and cool & mild so it’s anyone’s guess whether this really is summer or whether we’re in someone’s lab and his 5 yr old kid is justing fiddling with random switches.

        Still, I have my impending move to Prague to look forward to which is in 2 weeks’ time now!

  3. Get over yourself, you hard-assed bitch. You’re a complete fuck-up. If you manage to get a man, it will be pure luck.

    So how’s your job going? Sticking it to the man a lot?

  4. Thank God! Every man who is an asshole is just pushing you one step closer to becoming a lesbian and my lover. Not that I am a lesbian, but I think I could become one for you. Just saying…

    You are seriously too good for all these guys. You know that right? So, this is the plan okay. Next time I have a threesome you need to be part of it. Should we go to you, or do you want to come to us?

  5. We are all just stumbling from drama to drama. That is what life is.
    And that e-card thing, that is so me… I need to calm down.

  6. Wait – you’re trying to find a man? I thought all those posts about relationships were cooking euphemisms.
    But if you are trying to find a man, check between the couch cushions. I can’t tell you how much junk I’ve found there.

    And, of course, it’s a pleasure to see you, and I hope you’re over your sick.

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