Inappropriate touching

I know I said I’d update you on the 17yr old on / off “romance”, some time back, but this isn’t that post. I know I said I was being confused by “that guy” well.. that hasn’t changed, he’s still around .. but this isn’t really about him. And I know I said I had met a new man and it was kinda cool. You guessed it: This isn’t about that either.

WTF is this about, I hear you ask?

It’s about touching base! (Hence the somewhat random subject line) 😉

It’s about asking how you all are doing!?

It’s about saying hi. And that’s pretty much it, actually.

My bad habit of reading blogs but not commenting or updating mine continues, my bad habit of working 12+ hour days and travelling / never being around continues. But I still read your blogs and do wish I had more time to say hi now and then.

So yeah, anyways — how the heck are you and what’s going on in your world?
I would love to hear from ya  🙂

Oh heck cos I’m feeling adventurous, here’s a poll (hopefully I get it to work right) I love how you guys do these.


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  1. We are just glad that nothing too bad happened to you.
    Now go to my blog, pick a random chapter of my novel, and go to the comments and type; This is the best thing I ever read. Even if you don’t read it. Because I am trying to impress publishers, and I am not too proud to stuff the ballot box.

  2. I think that you are over-thinking…

  3. I made several selections.
    But perhaps some more on this inappropriate touching you mentioned while getting cheese and chocolate all over your fave piece of clothing during an animated discussion on the meaning of IT.
    Oh, and if the Okra piecewas going to be about that unslightly piece of that noble vegetable caught in my teeth, I got that out.
    Just sayin.

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