Hmpfh, dumped (for the wife!)

I mentioned I had met a man some months back. Not just any man, this one was quite special. That very heady blend of sexy, intelligent and funny. I think I’ve said before, I can handle not having the sexy bit, cos I find a combination of brains and humour in a man dead sexy.  So the package of gorgeous, brains and humour was quite special. Oh how he could make me laugh. Even his texts were a constant source of giggles and delight. Whenever we were together, time flew by – it really was just so.. good.

Except for, oh yeah: his wife. Not so good..

When we met he and the wife were ‘taking a break’. Now I never really got the whole “take a break” thing. Break UP: yes. Break DOWN, sure. Taking a break from a relationship just seems .. weird, to me.

He had been honest about the status of their relationship when we met and I didn’t think anything more of it. Hell at my age every 2nd man is divorced lol

He told me she’d suggested the break, so she could explore her options..  He said he figured she was over the marriage thing so left without too much of a fight, except for access to their 3 children. I actually could understand that, as there really is nothing enjoyable about trying to re-invigorate a relationship that’s passed its use by date.

Fast fwd a few months & she’s back on the scene, crying saying it was all a big mistake and can she have a second chance, the kids miss you and blah bla wah wah blah.

He did what most men would do, I suspect: He went back and is trying to make it work. Damn him 😉

One does have to wonder at the gods some times *sigh* So, lesson learned? I’m not yet sure I’ve found one.. wish me luck please, cos right now I just feel bitter .. and a tad jaded.

Ah well..


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  1. Um…well…at least since he insisted on access to the kids and wanted to go back and re-establish his family, it sounds like you picked a good guy?
    Yeah, didn’t think so.

    You know, I bet once you publish your book of dating misadventures, you’ll have your pick of the litter….

    • lmao I do get some comfort from the fact I picked a good guy. That sounds lame but it’s part of the nice package that was (is) him. AND makes him even sexier, damn the man and his lucky bitch er, wife *grin* I have had to accept that in this case I got lucky to enjoy him for a few months even tho it sucks knowing he’s not there now — omg I AM lame *sigh*

  2. Well, you almost got it right. I mean, he had a lot going for him, other than that whole being married still thing. I’ll be honest, if the divorce paperwork wasn’t already in progress, I wouldn’t have gone for it, and even then, I might have been leary until it was finalized, but that’s my own experience talking. Ah well, maybe the next one?

    And I totally agree with El Guapo. You should turn all this into a book. Betcha it’d sell like hotcakes.

  3. He is a dad…I know it sucks for you though. The good news is now you can focus on our relationship. Yeah…I’m married too…my husband and kids will adore you.

  4. But doesn’t that just make him all the more sexy–that he’s dedicated to his family and won’t leave them for you?

  5. Farce, oh Farce! That whole situation sounds weird. Try dating a real loser next time. They’re great! They don’t cheat, or argue, or wonder if you’re the ‘right one’ or anything like that. I think this is excellent advice Farce – find a big loser and give him some luvin!

  6. He’s loyal and good with kids! He sounds like a real catch, Fred. This one may be a keeper!

  7. Oh dear. We’re all just mucking about, aren’t we… but, like Julie said, at least you’ve got a great story out of it all!

  8. Oh dear. I tried this once, but it didn’t work out either.

  9. Are you coming to my party this weekend? Please say yes. It’s a pity party. Details here:

  10. Why do I always end up feeling ashamed of being a man when you do these posts. You need to meet a man who is more like me, but not too much like me. That shouldn’t be too hard to do, right?

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