Alone? That’s OK

Google search the word “alone” and you’re returned approx. 5174810 pages. Of pictures in sepia or black and white, of all sorts of things: Sad faced puppies. Children. People. Skulls. Kittens. In puddles. On the edge of a pier. In the rain. With tatty teddy bears. Sad prose. Broken roses.. If one wasn’t depressed when they 1st Googled the damn word they would fast get there!

Wandering along a deserted (it was 5am) beach this morning, I was hit by the realisation that I was thoroughly enjoying being alone. This of course got me to thinking and I started to dissect the word alone.

ALONE. Say it with me: ALONE. Say it out loud: ALONE. It just sounds so negative.

Sure, there are times when the word isn’t all bad. For example: “She couldn’t have done it alone” but even THAT is effectively saying if you ARE alone you’re weak, incapable, incomplete.. Alone, poor you.

To be fair, I tend to go on about alone. Banging on about how I wish I was one half of some sort of decent relationship. If we did a tally up, probably every second entry on my blog says this 😉 So today’s realisation that I was alone, (happily) came as a bit of a shock.

Sometimes I do wonder if people who say “I’m OK alone” are just saying it in the hopes they will one day BE ok but I suppose that is what made today’s realisation so much more of a shock. I did mean it. I felt completely okay with it.

So, as I’ve gone through my Sunday. Alone. I’ve pondered this notion of alone and OK.

I walked the beach. Alone. It was peaceful, soothing and enjoyable. I came home and ate brunch. Alone. Cooked. Alone. By me. Alone. In my home. Alone. It was delicious. Alone. Hmm, I didn’t wash the dishes. I need a house keeper, not a mate? 😉

I went visiting some friends. Alone. They didn’t seem too put out by me being alone. And after an enjoyable visit, I drove home. Alone. Stopping at the shops to buy some champagne. To drink.


A little while ago I was on the couch, watching telly. Feet up. Button of my jeans undone (very Al Bundy-esque) bare foot, singlet top. Urban sprawl personified.  Alone, of course.

And I actually grinned to myself as I realised how much I was so totally okay with this being alone thing.

It felt good, that realisation.

Not to say that in a few months (or whatever) I wont think “I don’t wanna be alone” but being happily something when you kind of can’t change it: quite liberating I must say.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to play music. Loud music. And fold laundry. And do dishes. And maybe go for a walk to the park so I can feed some stale bread to the ducks. And then come home and have a long hot shower, wash my hair and drink some champagne..

You guessed it: ALONE 🙂


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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHHA “All by myself” just came on the bloody radio, love it 😉

  2. I love this one, my dear, partly because it’s what I’ve gone through myself, though I decided I was okay with alone some months ago. I think you have to be okay with being alone, because that can happen a lot. I also don’t think that anything good can come out of a desperate need to not be alone.

    It’s lovely to see an entry here, as I’ve missed you a lot. Sounds like everything is going well still for you though, and that makes me very happy for you. *hugs*

    • hey hon! I have been hella busy here, doing a very good headless chicken impersonation (imagine 25 flights in 10 weeks, and loooong work hours, sucks but I do like it for all I moan) I still check in and read but rarely have the time (or brains!) to construct a sentence let alone a blog post. Even as I do this, I really should be packing as I have a plane to catch 6.30am tomorrow. PS Yes you’re too critical, not soft on yourself and I am glad your head didn’t explode *grins* Oh and sorry but now we have daylight savings it means you’re about to get winter.It’s so totally on the brink of Summer here, yay!!

      • Winter here in Vancouver isn’t too bad, so I can manage to be a bit philosophical. Besides, I’m enjoying the cooler Fall weather.

        And I think the head exploding thing is a near perpetual danger for me. It may yet happen, but I’m really hoping it doesn’t.

        As long as you’re happy with all that craziness, that’s what matters. But seriously, 25 flights in 10 weeks? I couldn’t survive that. Of course, flying isn’t my favorite way to pass the time either. *hugs*

  3. Fantastic!
    Just more proof of how cool you are. And not having to argue with anyone about what to watch, or what time to do things is worth gold.

    • Oh El G you are just too sweet *hug* and yeah, I did chuckle about the lack of sharing remote controls, the lack of having to make conversation while your meal cools and such things. Whether I am making lemonade from lemons or what, it didn’t matter cos I was OK – that was gold too 😉

  4. Congratulations!! You sound happy! 🙂

  5. Alone is just fine, it’s finding the way to really being at peace with not having a partner. In part it’s that grass is always greener thing…I see “happy” couples and I want that. Then I got a chronic disease and I sort of got the freedom I thought I needed to stop the fruitless search for happiness in a relationship. Instead now I have to find it in myself, where I should have looked all along.

  6. Sorry to leave you alone for so long, but you seem to be doing just fine with it, and I’m happy for you. Of course, if you have multiple personality disorder, you are never alone. But that is an extremely rare psychiatric condition, so I seriously doubt that you have it. Me? I’m not telling… and everyone else in my head better keep their mouths shut about it too! Are you all listening to me? I sure hope so, and I hope you take my warning seriously, or there could be a few personalities in here right now, that aren’t here tomorrow!

    Lol :- D

    • Hello trouble, how are you and yours going???

      • Now how did you know my middle name? Huh? Lol 🙂 Me and mine are going south now, but not in your direction, because our bedroom is to the south and I’m in some serious need of sleep! But now no tears! Because I WILL be back tomorrow when I’m more rested and well caffeinated, and then I’ll live up to my middle name! Lol 😀

  7. I like being alone. I come upstairs to work to get away from Jack, his mother, and her two dogs. Our dogs usually follow me and lay nearby (Guess I can’t say I’m totally alone then).

  8. Love it, Lady! Gonna share over at my place, if ya don’t mind. 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on Search 4 a Soul Mate and commented:
    Madly fabulous woman, and terrific writer. Hope you enjoy her post!

  10. We all end up in that state at times, don’t we? I’m currently enjoying the beauty of being alone too – and it sometimes is surprisingly hard to do, isn’t it? Some people just don’t get that between choosing an evening with them or an evening with myself, I’d choose the latter and end up with better company!


    • LMAO@ better company, exactly! I get teased for staying in on weekends but (like you) I am away from home so much that going out when I AM home just. Sucks. Hope you are doing well, I may be a tad slow in my reply here *grin*

      • Doing fine so far and enjoying the alone state of mind … Although there is someone hovering on the edge of my consciousness but I’m not sure if I’m interested …. So, the usual complications present themselves!

  11. I’m right there with you. Learning to enjoy it. I have my own rules now!

  12. Alone. The song from Night at the Opera – a movie to watch with someone else.

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