Visited a psychic today. Cow clearly was bonafide: She told me I will be single for a long time cos I scare men. Okay her exact words: I am too independent and don’t need a man.

Hmm, how am I doing with this whole romance bizzo, Edward? *sigh* I’m sorry, I really want to want him but I don’t want to need him..  Is that so wrong?

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  1. It’s not wrong at all. I’ve always preferred to be wanted over needed. For me, a relationship is better when it is based on mutual respect, love and appreciation and where both people help each other to be better versions of themselves. If it is right, it will happen. If it is not, you’re better off without it.

  2. Wait… is it Monday already? You are messing up my whole biological schedule…

  3. You need your money back … or predict that she will go out of business because of her lousy predictions. I’d like a psychic who kept it REAL by predicting positive things to come … maybe I’m just crazy.

  4. Nothing wrong with “wanting” and not “needing”. Good for you !! You go girl!

  5. Just be true to yourself, and don’t deny your nature, and you can want, need, worship, etc., all day long.

    I think.

  6. Enjoying your own company seems to be more the norm these days for a lot of people so nothing wrong with that and I agree with SweetP with regards to “wanting” as opposed to “needing” a male companion.
    From what I have heard recently from another female friend who also enjoys her own independence, apparently there are also some like minded single guys out there who while enjoying being independent, do welcome a bit of female intrusion into their lives…

    So worth considering 🙂

  7. Have to agree with the ladies up top. I definitely think want is better than need.
    I want my wife, and she is the center of my world. But if I had to, I could get on with out her.
    (wouldn’t want to, but there it is…)

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