The end is nigh

So my last post was a tiny bit depressing, as I digested the news that I was destined to be single for a rather long time to come. However, some time has since elapsed and I am now accustomed to this notion vs. being somewhat bemused, confused and pissed off about it 😉

Instead of becoming too depressed, I have opted to change a few things that are within my control. And it feels kinda good, I must say!

Including pushing the lovely but (seemingly) out of grasp Mr fabulous into a safe place (for me) where he no longer features as “important”, instead he’s in the corner with other “so damn hot and want him to bits but don’t like the baggage he comes with” types.

He’s overseas – as always. And we do talk, albeit occasionally. And almost always on his terms. And for all I want you to all think I am in control i.e,: I’m “the man”, I’m a complete wuss and whilst his terms suck – oh how I love to hear from him 😦

Perhaps the most human and sad bit of this post which is really just intended to be an update not something to make you all wanna come cuddle me and make me feel better (for all I wouldn’t say no to that lol)

ANYWAY the real reason for this post was to say hi, touch base and wish you all a very relaxed and happy Xmas (assuming the Mayan’s are wrong, of course!) and to say “watch this space” cos by heck there’s some new stuff going down in my world in the new year and who the heck knows what it will bring but as I sink into my 3rd champagne here in 88 deg (F) heat, I wanna say “Bring it!”

And soon, I hope to be ready for whatever “it” brings 😉

How about you?

Are you ready for Xmas?
And the new year?

I look forward to hearing from you all and keeping in touch ~ way better than I have done til now. Below is a pic of the NZ Christmas tree. It’s found on many beaches .. it may not be Christmassy to you but to us it so totally symbolises Xmas in this sunny hemisphere come December 🙂

Merry Christmas, my friends. My wish for you is happiness in silly quantities and I look fwd to hearing about the pursuit of and/or realisation of it xo


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  1. Your NZ Christmas tree is very beautiful, and looks a lot like a Hawaiian tree called Ohia Lehua, which is one of the first plants to be able to grow on cooled and solid lava flows.

    I’m never ready for Xmas, but Xmas will come whether I’m ready or not… kinda like I did a long time ago, on a rare occasion with a girlfriend who never wanted to see me again, for some reason… So my advice to you, is to never say “Bring it!” unless you are sure you’re ready, cause I know what “it” brings, and you don’t want what it brings too soon and all over expensive stuff that needs to be dry cleaned! (yes, I know that I’m terrible, but you already knew that a long time ago. lol)

    But… I am absolutely ready for the New Year, and even more so right now, since I can wish you a very Happy Christmas and an even happier New Year, and also a Happy Mayan Non-Apocalypse Day too! Because it’s NOT the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine! 😀

    • Chris, I was stunned to see this same tree in the square by those famous houses in San Fransisco, turns out some Doctor’s wife had been to NZ and nicked off with some of the seeds, bloody funny! So it’s entirely possible this native to NZ Is also in Hawaii! Not the least since we’re meant to be populated originally by Islanders from afar …

      Now how do I go from talking about trees to trying not to snort coffee out of my nostrils from the “bring it” comments!??! You’re a dufus, but I love ya 🙂

  2. You are moving forward… into the destruction that is the end of the world as we know it… And I couldn’t be more proud of you… in the little time we have left.

  3. Goodgrief, wordpress is populated with the moaning women of the single kingdom during the holidays. Get back to being snarky and bold stat!

  4. 88 deg F, and three flags of champagne?
    Yeah, I just put on a ski jacket to go out for a smoke and still froze my ass off, so no sympathy from me.

    On the other hand, you sound like you’re doing great!
    Happy holidays, and great to hear from you!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful Christmas tree to have, and a sunny beach… Oh, I’m envious. I’d be even more jealous of the weather and sun too, but the snow and rain are a bit of a calming force for me around this time of the year.

    Anyway, happy holidays!

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