The Hobbit

totally off topic, but I have decided I MAY just mix it up a little this next few months, sorry! I was lucky enough to go to the Hobbit première here in New Zealand.. Had to pull a few strings but it was worth the chance to rock the lil black dress on the long red carpet.


Have to say, I loved loved loved the LOTR movies (And not just cos I was dating one of the orks at the time) but for all I enjoyed the hobbit I did find it a little surreal and (I could get kicked out of NZ for this!) a little too long for my taste.

So yeah anyway, what’s your fave movie of 2012?


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  1. I don’t think I want to see the Hobbit, unless it gets spectacular reviews.
    We saw Lincoln, and that was pretty good. I can;t remember what other movies we saw this year, so I guess none of them were that great…

    Sadly, there was also no one in a little black dress.

  2. You dated one of the orcs? You are now the coolest person I know. So what outfit did you pick for the end of the world?

  3. I saw “The Hobbit” last night. I thought it was beautiful to look at, I understood about 40% of the dialogue, I hate Gollum and it ended far too abruptly. Only two stars from me.

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