First, I am going to complain

a liddle. I go awol for a few days (ish) and fk me I can’t find anything on this site. What the hell is with the reader? It is so hard to work out who’s posted what 😦

OK rant over (I know, unusually short for me) but OMG GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (better?) 


About lifeinthefarcelane

Giving life the shake down it so richly deserves.

Posted on March 31, 2013, in Humour. Bookmark the permalink. 20 Comments.

  1. wow, how are you? Have you met Mr. Right yet?

  2. Hey Gorgeous as your dream guy and you being my dream girl I have missed you! Good to feel your smile! Looking forward to hearing your words!

    • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I think of you now and then and hope all is well, is it??? x

      • Of course all is well… i did have a small bout with some of that stuff you have shared a time or two. Contagious that give up on love stuff is sometimes. I am quite taken that you would think of me now and then. I still have a dream date I would love to share with you. One day soon when fame and fortune are mine, I shall come visit at a special time Christmas I believe, and share a gift of love while feeding those in need! Then I shall take you to the finest dinner we may share and dance until the morning in the ocean breeze where we may share a class of juice freshly from the orange squeezed.

        Smile Gorgeous, I do wonder when you thought of me now and then I am quite flattered that you even remembered me. It is good to see you are writing again!

      • LOL you are such a poet x

  3. Reader? Mostly I just wander the internet looking for entertaining stuff.
    And coffee.
    And avoiding cat pictures,

  4. I don’t like the new WordPress either! It’s changed so much over just the past year.

  5. Do we need another revolution against the opressors? Do we need to ignite the flaming beaver of change?

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