Old blogs don’t die, they just .. what DO they do?

If you don’t write in your blog often, should you delete it? What’s the protocol, is there one?? 



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  1. No. You just don’t write in it often. And then, when you do, the people who like you come along and respond.

  2. What ever brings a beautiful smile to your beautiful face.

  3. I don’t post that often either. I’d suggest forming a club for Bloggers Who Don’t Blog Very Often but getting together would probably involve some kind of blog post and that would be problematic for us.

  4. No deleting! I’d miss you too much! I already miss you too much. Don’t deprive me of the hope for another visit from you!

  5. Ha. You can do what I did with a blogspot blog I started in 2005. It appears the last time I posted in January 2007 before I never went back. A couple years later I thought about it. Tried to sign in. They had integrated sign in with msn or google or something. I needed to use my original email account which was some archaic hotmail account that I had no clue what it was. Blogspot couldn’t help.

    Long story short. It hangs there online as a cool little frozen in time remnant of my life. Visit and share with friends the odd time. Will be sad if it is ever gone. My blog today – i have considered this a few times. If I quit, I would make private for my self in case I ever wanted to visit this crazy period in my life that will never happen again.

    ps my last post here was march 28. it is weird 🙂

  6. What to do with old blog posts…? Easy, just file them away.

    So….does it mean that not much is happening in your life if you don’t blog about it.. Nope, it might be quite the opposite, like you are so busy that you just don’t have time and that your priorities have changed a bit.

    I think the protocol is “what ever suits” 🙂

    As a reader I’d have to say that it can be fun to go back and read some of your older blog posts, lifeinthefarcelane ….. a lot of them seem to be pretty saucy 😉

    Just my 2 cents.

  7. If I completely abandon mine, I’d like to get a gif of tumbleweeds rolling across an empty landscape to put on the homepage.

    but personally, I always get a kick from the infrequent post notifications from here.

  8. ummmm… just write more?

  9. I had mine for three years and I just started posting recently. I say keep it.

  10. My answer is, “Don’t fucking worry what other people think.” Then again, I’m generally offensive.

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