Dating disaster # ..ungh, I’ve lost count!

I’m fully qualified to receive this award after a slightly weird experience that involves online dating and me (recipe for disaster, I know I know!) 😉

Last weekend I met someone online and to say we hit it off is an understatement! We talked crap all weekend long via emails – twas not my most productive weekend ever .. thank goodness for wintry weather 😉

It just seemed that everything about us was “right”, we were interested in the same things, had similar experiences, were kind of in the same place in life .. we even had a similar fear of children and spiders!

Anyway, we exchanged telephone numbers when I had to go out, and kept in contact via texts..

This is where the dumbassery comes into it – cos I didn’t even realise it at this point: we’d not swapped pics. Which is one of those “MUST DO” things when doing online dating, in my experience!

So, the texts and emails continued all through the week and I was – I admit – thinking ‘wow’ something neat could be about to happen here .. So I wasn’t surprised on Thursday afternoon when he asked me to go out for a drink with him..

Unfortunately, I was in another town with work so had to say no (spur of the moment and me? Not a good blend!) however we got to a point in the conversation (about how would we know which person to approach in a bar) where it dawned on HIM that we’d not swapped pics so we agreed to send each other one when we got to our respective homes that evening.

He actually beat me to it and sent through 3 pics while I was travelling . And ya see, well.. this is where it gets awkward.. Cos he was buuuu-uuuut ugly!

Okay that’s unkind .. But he wasn’t my usual cup of java .. and so it was that I found myself on an hour long flight thinking “well what does it matter if he’s got facial hair? He makes you laugh and he’s super intelligent, don’t be so petty” etc ..

Which as an aside – irks me because sez who it is petty to like certain things!? I have a preference for clean shaven. He was very whiskery. Nuff said.

BUT I found myself thinking I could try and adapt.. He also had a big nose and I suspect greasy hair but hey I have my faults and I kept circling back to the fun we’d had chatting .. looks aren’t everything blah blah blah..

And so it was that I got home and sent him a pic thinking to myself: “I will give this a go!”

Yeah well clearly I wasn’t HIS usual cup of java cos he told me (a few minutes after I sent the pic) that he felt I was not really his type and I’ve not heard from him since.. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to book in for plastic surgery ..

OK I jest. About the last line, but the one before it happened. He’s totally disappeared on me! LOL

And this next bit gives you an insight into how warped my mind is: It’s really bugged me that he’s done this! I think partly it’s cos I don’t know why he did it. I HATE not knowing things but also I feel a little aggrieved that he didn’t like me.. Cos *I* was prepared to try and get over my personal preference.. yet he clearly can’t get over whatever it was he didn’t like about my pic!

Ah well, chalk it up to yet another dating disaster (or chatting disaster, since we never actually met in person!) meantime I hope his whiskers catch fire next time he lights up his BBQ!


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  1. Hey… I am not butt-ugl… wait… never mind…

  2. At least it was more of a chatting disaster than one of those ” I met this guy in a bar who nothing like his profile pic, he had bad teeth, horrendous body odor, foul breath and who wouldn’t stop talking about himself” type dates….

    Better luck next time 🙂

  3. My wife and I met on Following a week of online exchanges and texts, she gave me her number and we set a time for our first phone chat, on a Friday night after we each had put our kids to bed (Yep, Friday nights as a single parent, Wee-HOO!). Anyway, a few days before our phone conversation, I caught a cold — the kind that sounds worse than it is, but hangs onto your vocal cords and makes your voice constantly crack. About 10 minutes into our conversation, I finally had to stop and say, “I know how I sound, but I swear I’m not 14 years old and going through puberty.” We’ll be married five years this August 😉

  4. Wit – so did you ever hear back from him?
    Is he still active on the dating site?

    Alas, I have lots of facial hair.
    Mostly because I’m too lazy to shave…

  5. I laughed out loud at buuuuuutt uuuuugly. You can at least have the consolation that you were the bigger person and open to meeting him even tho he wasn’t physically your type, AND the really bigger person for not saying, “yeah well I thought you were ugly first” when when he broke things off.

  6. Hiya, LITFL! How are you?

  7. Hey there – what’s up with you? No posts? Nothing to write about? No plans to visit Europe? 😉

    Hopefully you’re not writing because you have a Brad Pitt look-a-like imprisoned at your place who’s totally into you and who is a nymphomaniac 😉

    I’ve finally plucked up the courage to start writing about my relationships on a new blog and hope it can be as good as yours is. One thing I couldn’t find is a proper blog on the topic written from a male’s perspective so perhaps mine could fill a niche – no pun intended!

    Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

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