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We’re not exclusive, are we?

Those words were uttered to me this week whilst out to dinner with DTR .. *pours 7th wine* So yeah that was a fun chat, as you can perhaps imagine.. The evening, ’til this point had been lovely.

As always he took me to a fabulous place and was a perfect gentleman and we had fun.. til I sat dumbfounded when (in my obviously shit attempt to bring Xmas plans into the equation) he said those words.

I DID try not to be a complete cock, I swear. It took me a minute or two but I DO think I regained my composure quite quickly and the poor bastard probly has no idea I’m still confused lol

So yeah, could you tell me please .. what the fuck does “exclusive” mean, in this day and age? Cos CLEARLY I have no idea!

To me, exclusive is we’re seeing each other and no one else. Which, by default, is what *I* was doing.. And somewhat foolishly, it’s what I thought he was doing too. Hell, the man emails, texts and sees me so often I dunno how the hell he has time to do..  er, be with anyone else AND me?


The right time to break up?

I suck (and not in that good way)

In my ever so slightly delicate state this morning, I’m making myself something greasy for brunch ~ to stave off the raging monsters that crawled inside my gut while I “slept” last night (laying carpet on my tongue as they went.. bastards) and found myself thinking about a few comments I’d had made to me last evening.

You see, I’m apparently the life and soul of any party. Bloody hell, there is no way to write that without coming across as a totally arrogant wanker. But I do kinda do OK at social gatherings. I can talk to anyone, about almost any subject, I can drink til the last man’s fallen down. I always bring enough to share. And I never ever go near the karaoke machine. I can be all kindsa drunk and I still know I  C A N N O T  S I N G.

Of course, I think I can dance like a rock star, but that somehow isn’t as bad on you-tube as the singing thing. Just.

Anyway, I digress. I was thinking about the fact that people seem to like me. A couple of people said to me last night – “can’t believe you aren’t married” (this is something apparently all the coolest types are doing? hmm..) Anyway, the whole good friends / great social life thing is a nice place to be and it’s fair to say I’ve perfected it over years of work functions and networking type of stuff.

For all the “can’t believe you’re not married” comments, I have been told before that I can “pull” the boys. No wait, that doesn’t read right! I am oft found in the company of men. Phew that was close.. I must confess, I love men, they’re fabulous. As a rule..

And they do seem to like me. For all they won’t marry me!?! lol this could become a theme, I’ll behave 😉

I think the reason men like me is cos I’m an odd blend of ballsy (but they don’t see me busting theirs) cheeky female. Added to which, I’ve got a horrendously big repertoire of uh, ‘ripe’ jokes. I’m always up for tequila shots (til morning, anyway .. ugh) I’m not the type who gets pissy when a man cusses, even the c-word or sexist statements don’t get to me.

I am probably on the brink of being “one of the boys”, except for the long blond hair and big boobs..

So I have a few good things going for me (blond hair and boobs? Oh and the other stuff I guess) but you know what?

I am a giant pain in the ass, really.

I am a control freak. I like order. Chaos upsets me. It really does. I am not at all spontaneous – I like to plan things out and make sure they go well. I could be a tad stubborn.

And if we go back to the chaos statement: I can’t stand mess. My apartment is always clean and tidy. OK I have a housekeeper but even so.. I need order to feel at peace with the world. My world, anyway 😉

I am ferociously independent. I dislike being told what to do. I am cynical. I am very logical and confident, which I am told comes across as cocky and argumentative now and then. My Mother used to tell me so, god bless motherly honesty 😉

I have a quick but not bad temper. If that makes sense? If I’m gonna go, I’ll go – you will know about it, then we move on.. (I’m just too lazy to maintain it for long) I like to slam doors when I’m really mad, too. Men seem to hate that but honest to god boys, try it – it’s easier than punching walls and generally does less damage too!

As well, as all these bad traits, I get bored easily and don’t forget: I cannot hold a man!

God I’m a catch, alright. Where’s that %$#@! nunnery phone number again?

Want a boyfriend? Be a bitch..

So I realised today, all I have to do is learn to be a ball busting bitch who withholds sex, doesn’t appear to give a shit about anything the guy says or needs and instead demands of him every single thing he can possibly give ..and more .. All the while treating him like crap, remember!

This approach sure as heck seems to work for a lot of women out there!

A friend and I were discussing earlier today how weird it is that there are so many sweet (and not sweet but pig-ugly, either!) guys with total monsters for girlfriends or wives. What is that about?

This thought process kinda ties in with a blog I read today by a shrink saying some women give too much, which is all well and good til one day they say “er, hello can I have some in return please?” and everyone (i.e the man in her life or kids or whatever) stares at her as though she’s grown two heads.

Ideally we need to draw a balance, between being a doormat and a ball busting bitch, I know. However, as some of you have observed I’m about as tough as a marshmallow left out in the rain (sigh) .. But maybe being tougher is something I need to work on?

What if I become a ball busting nun who runs away to become a gothic pirate?

This should pull in the lads.. roight??

A good long term relationship – Mission impossible?

A good long term relationship – Mission impossible?.

huh wtf happened there? Sorry for the repeat post I am experimenting with what the various functions do on here .. this aint what I expected!

Anything for a quiet life

Does that include not having one, I wonder?

Hands up if you think there should be a quiz we can get any prospective partners to take, which contains the necessary questions to help us decide if they’re going to turn out to be a complete schlep for all that they seem incredible on meeting #1

One of the questions I’d have on my quiz would be what they think of this statement:

“Peace at any cost”

It’s largely the same as the title of this blog but perhaps spells out a bit better how crummy a concept it is!

Don’t get me wrong – I loathe chaos and discontent. Peace is something I am very “at peace” with. However the rest of that statement is what freaks me out!


In other words, I will not speak my mind. I will put up with shit.. I will tolerate all manner of things. Probably even going without lots of things. All for a quiet life..?

Not for me thank you!

If I believe in something I will stand up for it. If I dislike something, I will fight against it or try to change it. The whole concept of ‘peace at any price’ simply defeats me.

Do you suppose at some point people like this ‘go postal’ as years of pent up rage simmers up to a boil? I wouldn’t wanna be around when they blow ..

Why can’t we have a bit of balance?

I think it’s OK to give a damn about things.

To care deeply about something or someone. To know when to keep your mouth shut, and to know when to take a stand.
It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – does it?

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