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PS: It’s play, not lay!

In light of the fact that I have nothing to complain about in my love life – which was the sole reason I started this blog – I’ve taken to stalking other blogs! So now you will find me loitering in murky corners, observing their ideas .. And then stealing ’em!

Or doing their random projects ..

Today’s random project is courtesy of one of my fave bloggers although I first saw in on this lovely lady‘s blog. So the deal is I do a bunch of things that in turn generates my album cover..

Cool, that’s twice in as many days!

Below is my album cover:

Want to make your album cover? Ok, well the deal is:

1) Go to Wikipedia. Click on Random Page. This is your band’s name.

2) Choose a number between 3 and 7, inclusive. Go to Google searching for Random Quotes. Randomly click on an entry on the first page, and once on the page, go down the number you picked. That’s your quote. Choose consecutive words anywhere in that quote equal to the number you picked. That’s your album title.

3) Go to Google again and insert the words you didn’t use for your album title. Search for images. Choose the third picture on page 2. That’s your album pic.

4) Go to Picnik. Edit together your picture, band name and album title. There’s your album cover!

Oh and make sure you post it so we can all see 😉


Ramblings from the slow lane

I woke this morning at 4am, 1st thing I wasn’t overly thrilled by! Rolled over only to have my head remind me of the one-too-many drinks consumed last evening: 2nd thing that didn’t impress!

Realised the cat was using me as a pincushion .. owtch.. item #3. Listened to the not-so-musical sound of a discarded can being carried along by the breeze on the street below. Ah, so that is what woke me ..

Hmm, 4 things that pissed me off .. And it was only 4am..! I’m scared to think how damn cranky I will be by 12 o’clock!?

Do you know when I was a kid I used to fret about where the apostrophe went in o’clock? Looking back it seems such a simple thing but when I was first in school, gosh it used to worry me getting it wrong. I spent a lot of my childhood worrying.

Could be something to do with being born into a very loving, strict but “driven” family. I never quite managed to attain (or maintain, if I did occasionally get it right) the required standard .. luckily I worry about that less as I get older 😉

It’s cloudy today and this pisses me off. Not the least cos it’s:

I always feel a little cheated if it’s not fine on the weekend but also I’ve got a party to attend this evening, my best friend’s engagement party! Hundreds of people in attendance and my new party frock, purchased specially for the occasion, would really look a lot more apt on a sunny day. So could everyone please cross everything that the sun burns the clouds away? Ta ..

Does poor service get up your nose? It does mine. I don’t understand the work ethic a lot of people hold these days. Or fail to hold, as is more the case. Keep up will you? LOL You see, last night I was out with a few friends and the place we were at is frightfully de-rigueur. Everyone who’s anyone was there. Oh, plus me and my pals! 😉

A lovely setting, beautiful food, amazing wine / cocktails list: the whole thing was done well by the people with the concept .. But when it came to delivery?  Haphazard, at best. It must be so frustrating to have to rely on others to deliver your concept. I know I couldn’t do it..

Case in point: (Or several, really – cos our waitress failed to deliver on many counts!) Sure, she was busy but hell-o, bring a champagne bottle to the table without an ice filled bucket? Whatever. Cool, she remembered and bought us one eventually, but isn’t that just 1.01 service, it’s not like we asked for anything special.. ?

I loathe poor service with a passion. There, I said it! For all I know I’d make a rubbish waitress (way too many laps begging for hot soup or heads begging for cold drinks on ’em!) I kinda have this thing that if you’re going to do something – why not do it well?

Do you worry about the future of mankind? I do ..

I just don’t see how this soft society we’re developing is going to have what it takes to not fuck over the planet in a short frame of time.. I was immensely peeved this week to read an article about a teenager who was trying to sue his school for being treated badly.

A) the sensationalist article was a classic example of the dross “journalism” displayed by so many in that industry now and B) the kid was “distressed” because he’d been told he couldn’t come to school with lime green mohawk styled hair.

Sure, we all know I have a bit of a thing about lime green *grins* But ya know what, kid? Get the hell over yourself. The school you are in has a dress code, deal with it. Cos you know what? At some point it’s possible you’re gonna have to deal with the fact that some restaurants or clubs may not let you in if you’re not wearing a tie or some workplaces may expect you not to look like an unwashed leftover from the 70’s..

Assuming you can get to through the interview without becoming distressed at all the ‘tricky’ questions the nasty company asked you, of course .. *rolls my eyes*

What really annoyed me was his parents were also making like they were offended by the school’s stance. Did they not read the paperwork when they signed precious wee Johnny into the school?  Him and his parents need a boot applied rhythmically to their behinds.

And since I’m on the whole random rant thing – I’ve decided I really really don’t like those cats with the flattened ears. They just look kinda .. creepy, somehow ..

On a plus note, (assuming you’ve not given up on me for being a complete grouch in today’s post) I do believe I’ve run outta stuff to whinge about! Oh to have nothing but first world problems 😉 Enjoy your weekend everyone!

The envelope please!

An online friend nominated me for the versatile blogger award and to him I say:

Now before everyone gets all shocked about what an horrid tart I am, he only nominated me to stress me out so there! *grins* All kidding aside, Chris – thank you for the nomination and for being a neat new blog pal.. I’m glad we stumbled across each other 🙂

Funnily enough I was nominated for this back in Sept last year by 2 lovely ladies, their blogs I enjoy following to this day!

The deal with this award is that I must do the following:

1. Thank those who nominated me.

Done, albeit with about as much grace as an elephant running around in treacle.

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers who I think deserve it..

And so here we go:

Love this guy’s blog. He has the dubious honour of being my top commenter too!

This blog always makes me laugh .. And also makes me think. Great combo..

One of my fave bloggers, all round bang up guy chick, be sure to check her out.

I’m new to this idiot’s blog and am sooo glad I found him! Laugh ’til you cry material.

Other than being hellishly envious about her spicy improv pal, this blog is a fun read.

Not just a good read, this lady knows lots of good crap .. And shares it happily with us.

One of the first ever blogs I found. Even when life kicks her about she’s always just lovely.

Practically perfect, this blog is great. And when you read it, you’ll understand the p/p refs.

I’d be inclined to argue with her about the name of her blog, but it’s always a fun read..

One of my all time faves. If you don’t cry reading his latest entry, you’re made of granite.

I don’t know how to sum this blog up on 1 line. It’s random, interesting and well worth a read.

Another recent find, and one I’m so thrilled to have made. This lady is simply beautiful.

This is one of those blogs where you can find something of interest in every click!

Albeit frustrating as hell @the moment, I love this blog  and am hoping for a happy ending.

Another new find for me – interesting to see singledom thru a man’s eyes (and words).

Gosh I do do things other than read blogs, honest! I just love how quirky this one is.

This one reminds me of me, is that bad to say? But, I like me. And I really like this blog too 😉

Love this woman’s blog. Another new find for me, and one that I am really enjoying.

Funny AND insightful – one of my fave blogs to provoke questions and make me think.

She makes me want to shop, eat and have sex. How’s that for .. creepy? Cool blog tho.

I used to think he was so tough, til I learned he was afraid of goth girls.. Check it out.

Adventurer, awkward (by his own admission) but awesome. This man’s antics always make LOL

This man’s blog is one that almost always has me nodding and muttering “yes” as I read it.

I just went thru his blog to find my fave entry and couldn’t pick one. They’re all great!

To all the blogs I follow, I say:

Next I am meant to inform my nominees of the fact I’ve nominated them.
No need, the site will ping them Yay! 

3. Share 7 random facts about myself. Ok, see below:

a) I’ve sent a request to wordpress for a “I hate the fact this shit has happened to you but want you to know I read it and am thinking of ya” button. It can go right next to the like button.

b) I hate bananas

c) I rotate my dinner set so the design on the plates doesn’t fade or get damaged more on some than others. I heard you snorting with laughter, by the way. Yes, even from here..

d) Back in the 80’s I donated $10,000 to a charity without  meaning to. I wonder if my ex husband has forgotten that? (or me!) I remain terrified of auctions to this day.

e) I had 2 horses when I was a girl. “Blue Thunder” and “Blaize”. There’s something quite fantastic about being able to gallop away from your parents when they’re calling to you and later say “oh I didn’t hear you over the hooves, sorry” .. heheh

f) I once gave a duck mouth to mouth / CPR.

g) I have 72 bottles of assorted drinks in my liquor cabinet. Yes, I think I did just admit to being a booze-hound on the innerwebs. I like to be prepared, that’s all. If I want a particular cocktail or drink I like to be able to just mix it up … which would suggest a certain lack of patience and you’d be right. It also points toward my loathing of shopping..

5. Add a picture of the award to this post – Done!

Whew what a mission, I need a drink .. 😉

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