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The end is nigh

So my last post was a tiny bit depressing, as I digested the news that I was destined to be single for a rather long time to come. However, some time has since elapsed and I am now accustomed to this notion vs. being somewhat bemused, confused and pissed off about it 😉

Instead of becoming too depressed, I have opted to change a few things that are within my control. And it feels kinda good, I must say!

Including pushing the lovely but (seemingly) out of grasp Mr fabulous into a safe place (for me) where he no longer features as “important”, instead he’s in the corner with other “so damn hot and want him to bits but don’t like the baggage he comes with” types.

He’s overseas – as always. And we do talk, albeit occasionally. And almost always on his terms. And for all I want you to all think I am in control i.e,: I’m “the man”, I’m a complete wuss and whilst his terms suck – oh how I love to hear from him 😩

Perhaps the most human and sad bit of this post which is really just intended to be an update not something to make you all wanna come cuddle me and make me feel better (for all I wouldn’t say no to that lol)

ANYWAY the real reason for this post was to say hi, touch base and wish you all a very relaxed and happy Xmas (assuming the Mayan’s are wrong, of course!) and to say “watch this space” cos by heck there’s some new stuff going down in my world in the new year and who the heck knows what it will bring but as I sink into my 3rd champagne here in 88 deg (F) heat, I wanna say “Bring it!”

And soon, I hope to be ready for whatever “it” brings 😉

How about you?

Are you ready for Xmas?
And the new year?

I look forward to hearing from you all and keeping in touch ~ way better than I have done til now. Below is a pic of the NZ Christmas tree. It’s found on many beaches .. it may not be Christmassy to you but to us it so totally symbolises Xmas in this sunny hemisphere come December 🙂

Merry Christmas, my friends. My wish for you is happiness in silly quantities and I look fwd to hearing about the pursuit of and/or realisation of it xo


A criticism (if I may)

of WordPress .. *gasp* Now I am a ferociously loyal person. When I am into something (or someone) I am into them / that – plain and simple. But I wanna slag off WordPress functionality for one moment, if you will allow it .. (you being .. everyone .. esp the WP gods!)


I do not imagine that I, and I solely, attract comments on my blog but I do find it hard to know which I have replied to ..

That is my criticism.

My quesiton is this: Can they be threaded in my dashboard? And if so could someone (you will be my best friend forever but be aware that’s a big job so think about it long and hard before replying) bloody tell me how, please?

Thank you and good night..

It’s all about me

So I was at the house – the marital property – this weekend and wandered around putting “me” notes on things I wanted to keep. He was away, it seemed easier to do it alone, somehow.

And I got to thinking about how sad it is when things go from “we” to “me”.  Which then lead me to why do we need “WE” .. why isn’t “ME” sufficient?

I don’t need a man for security, money or even company. I can find company in all manner of places, make my own money and take care of myself.

So why do we all keep trying so hard to be one half of something instead of being “me”?

I really don’t get it.

Any ideas?

Change is inevitable

Such a cliche and so often wrong (I bet you can name people who seem to resist change actively and / or do not ever seem to change or adapt or grow? I know I can..) And I wonder, why does change cause us so much stress?

As I write this blog entry, I’m about to move into a new apartment. I’m half in one & half in another.. But it gets better. I also own a house in another town, in which my partner of 7+yrs resides.

Or do I call him my ex?  It’s all a bit confusing really. You see I’m breaking up with him.. But he doesn’t know it, nor even suspect it.. We live apart now because I took work out of our town, in order to not go broke.

It’s fair to say that we probably were sub-consciously unhappy, for both of us to accept this as an option. I dunno about you but if the love of my life wanted to up stakes and move towns – I’d probably opt to go with them. Or at the least, I’d pout  big time if we had to be apart..

Neither of these things have happened, it’s been a year now .. And to me it seems to be one of those ‘natural progression’ (inevitable .. change .. you see where I’m going with this?) things – where we no longer are a couple but we’ve not ever actually ended things.

But that’s all about to change! I’m setting things up so I am ready to move on.

New digs, new job, new bank account .. new everything really – because all my old stuff is with the ‘ex’ in my old house. This is all being done “on my lawyers advice”- to protect me, as I prepare to move on.. but I must admit somehow it feels incredibly under-handed somehow.

However, I am paying him the big bucks to tell me what to do that protects me because as he noted: I’m a tad emotional and likely to do dumb shit. Charming eh. Prob’ly quite accurate tho lol ..

And so in the book of “ME“, a new chapter is about to commence. Or is it another ‘volume’? 7+ years full of lots of cool stuff do not a chapter make .. ?

Whatever .. I’m about to open myself up to a world of change and some of it will be distressing, unpleasant and downright scary. But some of it will be fun, enjoyable and exciting too!

My thinking is that this blog will allow me to “brain dump” on days when it all seems a bit much. A) It gives me something to do and B) It saves my friends from thinking I am an utter chore and a bore as I navigate my way through the next crazy few months that undoubtably lie ahead.

Here’s to ME!





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