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The Hobbit

totally off topic, but I have decided I MAY just mix it up a little this next few months, sorry! I was lucky enough to go to the Hobbit première here in New Zealand.. Had to pull a few strings but it was worth the chance to rock the lil black dress on the long red carpet.


Have to say, I loved loved loved the LOTR movies (And not just cos I was dating one of the orks at the time) but for all I enjoyed the hobbit I did find it a little surreal and (I could get kicked out of NZ for this!) a little too long for my taste.

So yeah anyway, what’s your fave movie of 2012?


Look out boys (Here I come!)

So tonight is a big night where I live .. thousands and thousands and thousands of avid sports fans will converge on a place that has aptly been named “the fanzone”, to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup 2011. Now if you live anywhere except France or New Zealand .. or maybe Australia simply cos you’re a sucker for punishment .. you know what this is about.

If you don’t, well .. I can’t explain it suffice to say the nation has been taken over by what can only be described as rugby fever and I plan to capitalise the hell out of this by heading on down to aforementioned man-zone (er… heh you know what I mean) to see if I can’t have me some fun.

I’m torn though – do I put on my shiraz goggles or do I keep my defences safely up? Who are we kidding, I’m on my 3rd wine, you’d have to have 2 heads (don’t be grubby) to be unattractive by the time the party down-town really rolls around.

Because I am not a complete moron, I have a gaggle of girlfriends and male pals also partying with me.. for reasons I don’t need to explain to anyone who’s done the party scene before.

Suffice to say, in the event that my eyesight (or intellect) becomes sufficiently impaired, some 17 sets of eyes will soon set me straight. Or call me if I need rescuing at some point *grin*

In the words of the song that I simply love when heading out on the town? Tonight’s gonna be a good night!

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